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Mark Oxley
Now ex-Journalism student and nuclear-grade cynic.
Now ex-Journalism student and nuclear-grade cynic.

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My Abney Park novel arrived today.  I have new reading material for the train!  Unfortunately it's physical and doesn't sit in my Kindle app.

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And here's May's Raiders show. Not as much fun as before, but then again it is on a different week and month to the usual...

I'm pitching an FS LARP to my mates Up North. It's my old gaming group and they have a vampire LARP up there - perfect for trying out a new social game :-P

I have about 4 weeks to get get it together - OK, so I still have to pitch it, but I can't hang around waiting for numbers. If it's going to be any good, I need to start now.

This is really cool...see the scale of stuff! (I feel small and insignificant now. Also, crabs can really get that big?!)

I'm posting this from the Windows 8 consumer edition. It's weird. I can see it working on tablets but it feels odd for a desktop.

Ask me something about it and I'll try answer.

EDIT: there's definitely some multitasking going on, because I'm installing while looking at IE - it just happens in totally different panes.

Also, MSN appears to have cross-platform integration - only however many years after Pidgin did it.

EDIT 2: Although the e3i app won't run flash, the desktop version will. Roll on a BBC radio app!

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An interesting piece on journalism that I saw this morning. Certainly in the UK, there is a big problem with focusing on arguing rather than facts - most notably regarding benefits.

Be interesting to see how far this goes - I've always believed that good journalism puts truth to 'the audience', but also that the audience can also be full of idiots. After all, millions bought the Daily Mail before it started cleaning up its act.

Although it won't make them any friends and it's certainly a bold thing to to given the state of US media. Be interesting to see how it goes.

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Yesterday I made some more touches to my Simba bolt pistols. One is just about ready to paint; the other needs yet another coat of red; it's still showing up the black. Of course, being back at work means I won't have time to varnish them until the weekend.

I also bought some purple material - I'm going to make little trinkets to hang off the slip in the handle - a little clay jumpgate as a lucky charm, that kind of thing.

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Everyone on my list seems to be from the UK and Germany, but I'm going to talk about UK politics a bit.

The last government, who basically started the 'privatise ALL the things!' attitude of this government (and now opposes their own work now they've been kicked out ) brought in a company supposed to get unemployed people back to work.

So far it hasn't worked, the company's under investigation for fraud and the company's head was appointed 'families Tzar' by the new government. (Don't worry, dodgy friends, financial interests and all-round shittiness are part of this government's day-to-day activities. Actually, on second thoughts, worry.)

Before the new year I'd been unemployed for 4 months,. A couple more and my chances of actually landing a place would have slid to near-zero, especially in this climate of non-expansionary austerity.

And I'd have landed on one of these places, which basically means working for a big retail chain - for free. Seriously, it was sold to them by the department for work and pensions as a way of getting around the minimum wage. Literally, selling us out I'm really glad I didn't; I have a degree in journalism, I was XO for the student magazine and am fairly IT literate. Stacking shelves has nothing to offer me in terms of work discipline, skills or the rest of it.

And best of all? They're blaming the (so far successful) campaign of shaming companies into dropping out on the SWP (far-left headbanger rent-a-mobs with basically NO political influence). Not sure if they're that out of touch, or just straight-out lying again.

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