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661 Chrislea RdCAOntarioL4L 0C4
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"I've been going to the Spa for over a year for my laser hair removal."
"In my opinion, I'm sure 20 minutes is enough for an express manicure."
"I was getting my bikini line done with both deals - so, I total of 18 sessions."
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Adam Guglietti
a month ago
Very bad experience. Went for laser hair removal and they lasered over a tattoo and was burned. Ruined my tattoo and was not compensated for tattoo touch ups or given money back for further sessions that were paid for that I did not want to attend.
joanne vida
10 months ago
I've been a client of NV Medical Spa in Woodbridge for 10 years and i have always had a wonderful experience...Staff is always friendly making u feel like u are right at home.Best services ive ever had, 5 stars all the way!
Genna Cardoso's profile photo
Genna Cardoso
a year ago
I called on a Saturday evening to book a massage for me and my mom but didn't get a response until Tuesday morning. When the receptionist returned my call she kindly explained that the spa is closed on Sunday and Monday and re-opens on Tuesday (which I think is common for most spas - at least the ones I've been to in the past.) The lady on the phone was very sweet and professional and happily booked my appointment for the following Saturday. When my mom and I arrived we were given some forms to fill out and offered coffee or tea. I declined but my mom had a green tea. We waited about 10 minutes before we were taken to a room with two beds. My mom and I were anticipating being in the same room because when I made the appointment the receptionist asked if we wanted to be together or separate. When I called to book I didn't know about the double room but after being given the option I chose to be together. The esthetician explained what we needed to do and gave us some privacy. Several minutes later the esthetician returned with another lady and they started the massage. My mom and I enjoyed it so much that we bought a gift certificate for my sister upon leaving. We had a very pleasant experience and definitely plan to go back.
• • •
Rick Therrien
2 years ago
My experience has been awful. So far 3 appointments have not been on time, waiting once for almost an hour before being seen. My cellulite reduction times have been different. Their reasons are being described as 'what my body can handle and the amount of fat', I think it depends on how far behind they are in their scheduling. How can 1 session last 30 minutes on one area and when I decided to get 2 area's done on the 2nd session, I was only their for not even 20 minutes. That's 10 minutes per section including the tightening...On my 3rd visit, they were running so far behind, not even admitting to it after asking, 'When do they think I'll get in?', I only had time for a body wrap (which I now feel I got suckered into buying). Not only did I feel like i was using the same foil blanket the lady before me used but my 'aroma therapy soaked clothes' stunk like old musty dirty laundry that had been retrieved from a scum ringed crock-pot. I lied their thinking to myself, 'What the hell am I doing here?' So I left.
• • •
Lana Socci
4 months ago
I've been going to the Spa for over a year for my laser hair removal. Great place, great people and very good service. I am happy,i will and did recommend to all my friends.
Melissa Khakban
a year ago
This place is awful.I PURCHSED 52 SESSIONS FOR CELLULITE.I myself am in this business and I know how it should work.Each session took just for 10 mints.every time I was telling to the technician that u need to wotk 20 mints for each part she was sayin NO to me.When I purchased the pkg on the first session she told me that I should start a diet.I said why u didnt say that when I was purchasing I asked u if it needed a diet and u said it doesnt need any diet.Anyway I am a healthy eater and do my work out all the time but i didnt get any result.That machine SOPRANO works just for tightening it is not a cellulite machine.They just grab your money and no SERVICE.She always goes with different deals to catch you.
• • •
Andriusha Priyanka's profile photo
Andriusha Priyanka
a year ago
I had the worst and a good experience at NV Medical Spa at the same time. I realize my review is extremely long, but this is the shortest I could make it, and I wouldn't be able to explain my experience fully otherwise. I purchased two Groupon deals from NV Medical Spa for a Spa mani-pedi and leg exfoliation, as a birthday gift for my friend and for myself. I called NV several times for 3 days straight without answer, left two voicemails, and got called back the fourth day. I wanted to get an appointment before my friend's birthday, giving me about a week's time. After asking for the earliest possible date, I set an appointment for the day after I received the call, and I asked if I should call and leave a voicemail in case we can't make it, to which she replied "yes just leave a voicemail we check them every hour." Now, I don't know if it makes me crazy but my first thought was, why did i get called back 4 days after my first voicemail if they check their voicemail box by the hour? Anyway, since I had to move some things around to be able to make it to the appointment, I called NV to let them know I'll be about 15 minutes late, and they said they would have to take off the leg exfoliation. As I had said, my friend and I arrived 15 minutes late, at which point we were given a form to fill out, and after waiting for 15 minutes, the lady I spoke with on the phone (I know this because of her voice and her extremely foul attitude) said they can't do the manicure because we are 30 minutes late. What?! I said we were 15 minutes late and the lady insisted we were 30 minutes late since we had to fill out the forms. If that was the case, they should've told me there are forms to fill out and I should arrive early. If I had arrived on time, then would that make me 15 minutes late? At this point, I tried explaining that I called for 3 days without answer, and since this was so last minute I was at a disadvantage which is why I'm late, and before I could finish she cuts me off saying "well it's not my fault we're so busy we can't pick up the phone!" (I'd like to add that they answered my call on two rings when I called to say I might be late, which makes me wonder if they screen their calls?) I also asked if we can do the manicure instead of the exfoliation, but apparently the exfoliation only takes a few minutes. Completely intimidated by the utterly rude customer service, we settled for just the pedicure and leg exfoliation. After being seated (not massage chairs by the way), we had to wait for 20 more minutes before someone came in to start the pedicure. In my opinion, I'm sure 20 minutes is enough for an express manicure. Anyhow, the two girls who did our pedicures were very friendly, and it was very relaxing too. If it wasn't for such poor customer service, I would have definitely gone back, even though it's a 20 minutes drive from my place. On a side note, I'm sure I got this treatment only because I'm a pre-paid, "coupon customer" and if I was paying for their services in full, and they were not pre-paid, I'm sure their behaviour would be completely different.
• • •
John Harkiolakis
2 years ago
This review is for NV Medical Spa - Barrie Location. I have never been to the Woodbridge Location. I initially purchased a wagjag deal for 6 laser hair removal sessions (1 body part) and after the first few sessions I was told it would take 6-8 sessions so I purchased another wagjag deal that offered unlimited laser hair removal (for one year) on three body parts. The Barrie location has the worst customer service I have ever experienced! They never answer their phones, are always overbooked and are just plain unfriendly and unprofessional. There were numerous times that I was there waiting for at least half an hour after my scheduled appointment time and a couple of times the machine they were using quit working in the middle of the session. The first couple of times I was there, the technician would leave the room while I undressed and gave me a small sheet for privacy - after the first couple of times, the technician just stayed in the room offering no privacy whatsoever. After I attended for approximately 6 sessions they decided I needed to pay the tax on the services - apparently this wasn't included in the wagjag price. I don't understand how they did not mention this in the beginning. I was getting my bikini line done with both deals - so, I total of 18 sessions. Some technicians considered it a French, some referred to it as a bikini line (it was more than a bikini but probably less than a typical French). After about the 13th session, the technician that was providing my service that day refused to do any of the area inside my underwear line (I was wearing boy shorts!). I explained to her that I had numerous sessions and all previous technicians covered a much larger area. She told me she could not do it and she could lose her job if she did because a bikini line was one body area, French counted as two body areas and a brazilian counted as three body areas. I explained to her that I was certain that the wagjag coupon indicated that all these options (bikini, French, Brazilian) all counted as one body area. She argued with me and flat out refused to do it. When I got home, I printed off my coupon and as I had explained, all bikini areas counted as 1 body area. And, I later found out that that technician was actually the manager. I brought my coupon the next time I went and they now do the full area but there was no apology. Even though the wagjag says the service is unlimited for one year, you can only go every 4 weeks (minimum) and there was one occassion where I could not get an appointment for a full month so I missed out on one session - I can't understand how they were fully booked a month in advance?! Here's the worst part - I have now had 15 sessions on my bikini area and while the hair growth is less it still grows almost as much as it did before I started the sessions. I have had 9 sessions on my upper and lower leg and I have noticed absolutely no change! I am convinced that the laser machine is set at the lowest setting so that you have to keep purchasing packages. They are always trying to get you to buy more services while they are offering the current service. Someone (I am considering it) needs to contact the Better Business Bureau on this agency! Please do not waste your money and time at this Spa. Spend the extra money and go somewhere where you will get the results you paid for!
• • •