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Thanks Zaki Silverman and Dror ZV Zeevi for having me at Unleashed in Ibiza!! And thanks to the great models who joined my show: Silvia Garcia, Itahisa Lopez, Vladimira Lavey, Bastet Garrido, Céline Slosse, Abigail Pocajontas. And For all your support Ruben Thex Mahoney

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Beautiful Lara Aimee wearing the fringe headharness
Photo by mew_chiel
#cyberesque #fashion #headharness #faceharness #harness #fringe #model #beauty

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Time to show you some more of the collaboration with Sven Marquardt!

Photos by Sven Marquardt
Models: Daxx, Noraly Cyberesque
H&M: Hagen Krüger / Marie-Jo Wieske
6 Photos - View album

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aaaaand here the promised video for the headharness collection!
Thank you so much Merlin Ettore / / for your amazing work, and of course the pretty models: Rie Lewdlybug, Yunuen Rhi, Lena Kilchitskaya and me smile emoticon

You can see the whole collection here:


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Finally the long awaited Cyberesque Headharness collection is out now!!
Proud to present you 14 different models.
See them here:

Model: Yunuen Rhi

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So happy that I finally can show you the first result of the photoshoot with the amazing Sven marquardt!

Photo: Sven Marquardt /
Models: Noraly Cyberesque, Daxx
H&M: Hagen Krüger, Marie-Jo Wieske

#svenmarquardt #cyberesque


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Because I still feel so shattered about Nepal and can't get those beautiful people out of my mind which I met there and made my travels so special, who must be so devastated righ now, I really would like to help the least I can...

From all orders made on until May 31 2015, I will either spend 10% or 20% of the total amount to a fund to help the people of Nepal.
You have 2 options:
Code: Nepal 10 = 10% discount for you, and 10% of the total amount to Nepal
Code: Nepal 20 = You don't choose any discount for you, and 20% of the total amount will go directly to Nepal.

I didn't choose a fund yet to where I will send the money, but I would like to choose one that directly helps the people that lost their houses/ businesses, family etc.
Any suggestions are welcome if you know a good one!
Feel free to share this post.
Namasté <3

Please count on a bit longer waiting times as I'm actually extremely busy right now preparing for the festivals...

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Loving this picture so much from the amazing Model Sinteque photographed by Berserker.
Sinteque wearing the Osiris harness and Vishnu gloves, and the first model of the new head harness of which will follow more soon! :)
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