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I thought it was funny. Really liked the second half kind reminds me of myself lol. Been trying to get the hang of Dota 2 and Dota for YEARS.... still fialing.

I get internet and no one bought bf3. 

Bored to tears. Cant wait to get out. 2 days off after this.

I wonder why having vibrate on on your phone helps drain the battery??? I like having haptic feedback on my keyboard but i would rather my phone last all day.

So far im impressed with the photon 4g over my old evo 4g. I have experienced two of the known issues the sleep of death and random restarting. Im gonna hold of returning it until like monday to see if they happen again.

So far the photon is suppose to support revision b of evdo on sprints network. Sprint is suppose to talk about its vision network on the 7th. I hope their network does get better because my 3g speeds are horrible.

So bestbuy gave me $250 for free. Long story but i got the new photon 4g from sprint.

So here is a question what is a cheap fast tablet? Under $300

Ok so I'm in the break room. This lady took of her shoes mind you she ain't wearing any socks. It smells like old nasty cheetos

Anyone go to baker that can obtain a book for me.

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