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Using software to help solve your problems
Using software to help solve your problems
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So I took apart the Tx for my latest Drone (one of the ones built from Lego blocks) to see if I could use a proper Tx, only to discover that the one chip on it had the markings obscured.

Anyone have any thoughts on the recent "right to repair" rulings being used as a lever to make purposely hiding such information illegal?

I've about decided that watchmaker doesn't really do what I want. It's closer than any of the other watch designers I've looked at (Puji, Minimal & Elegant, Facer, and one other?) because of the Lua scripting, but still seriously lacking.

What I want to do are unique time displays (like my Fibanocci watch) along with whatever else the user wants displayed. Wear 2.0's complications - as implemented in their examples - are pretty much exactly what I want for that other info, and the user gets to choose it. But no face designer app handles them well. Maybe add some way to turn them off if the display is uninteresting, but that's would be a bonus.

The real issue is that I want to be able to draw from inside the script. Watchmaker worked for Fibonacci because I was drawing something simple. But for the next project I want to draw stereographic projections, and I'm not sure how to do that from watchmaker. What I really want is a Canvas object type that I can size in the designer, which has an attached script to be run to render it.

A face designer with just those two object types - a complication that worked the way they do in googles examples, and a canvas I could draw to - would be more useful to me than any of the others I've looked at. The more standard stuff is still useful, but I can do those with a canvas, but not vice versa.

Did the latest update make tap_action buttons show a stipple pattern, or did I just miss that before?

More importantly, how do I turn it off? This makes my faces so ugly I've started rewriting them in Kotlin to avoid it.

Is there some way to display a complication as it appears on non-watchmaker faces? Failing that, is there some way to get the image associated with one other than manually adding it to the face in the editor?

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My latest WatchMaker face, simplicity

Designed to display the info you need, but only when you need it.

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My first WatchMaker face, Fibonacci. Would actually be better on a square watch.

I've got a project I'd like to permanently attach to my PC. Front of the case would be great, and ti's got this cutouts already built in it where one would fit.

But there don't seem to be any option any panels on newegg/amazon/eba suitable for DIY hardware mounts, or any panels on banggood or thingiverse at all.

Is this just a bad idea? Are desktop systems so far out of style nobody is interested? Or am I just not using the right search terms?

I'm sorry, but anybody who pronounces "sudo" as "pseudo" probably calls their editor "six".

The CloudBleed security bug is a bad thing. Time to change crucial passwords and turn on 2-factor authentication. Maybe use a password safe.
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