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We are featured on Living Social for one more day!!! Grab your session at a great price!

We are now extending our New Year Special to our fabulous Facebook fans! A package of 4 one hour massages for $200.00 or a package of 4 one and a half hour massage for $300! Packages must be purchased by Friday at 8pm! Remember, your massages NEVER expire and you can share them with whom ever you would like! Call today to reserve your New Year's Package 239-220-9943!

Leg and foot massage is a little bit different from, let’s say, back massage. The difference is that foot and leg massage stimulates not only the muscles, which are directly rubbed, but also gives a positive effect on the whole body. And the reason for this is a huge set of reflex points, which are responsible for the state of the body as a whole. For example, there is a huge concentration of points in the arch of the foot, which according to modern reflexology are related to the spine. Therefore, stimulation of this area of the foot can help alleviate pain in the back and bring a general easiness to the body. The stimulation of the toes has a beneficial effect on the eyes, ears, nasal sinus, teeth and gums.

Black Friday Special!!!! After you survive all the crowds and long lines getting those sale items how about enjoying a nice, relaxing massage right in the comfort of your own home? We've got you covered! Take advantage of our rare BUY ONE GET ONE FREE OFFER! That's right! This Friday only buy one massage at regular price and get one free! You can give it away or save it for later! Space is extremely limited so reserve your spot now by calling 239-220-9943! Can't book a massage that day? Your Place Massage & Spa still has you covered! We will be matching all gift card purchases made from now until midnight on Friday, November 25th! Purchases as many gift cards as you like at regular price and we will match the amount! Not only can these be used on massages but also our fabulous Manicures and Pedicures

Take a moment for yourself today. Breathe in.Then breathe out.

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Do you really want to spoil someone? Send them a massage, a manicure, or a pedicure! Your Place Massage & Spa mails gift certificates for FREE and they can be purchased online! Call 239-220-9943 or visit for more info!

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Did you know that Seaweed, when applied to the skin can actually help boost your metabolism? Combine that with the importance of a detoxifying massage during your weight loss program and you have one relaxing way to lose weight! To find out more about our Organic Seaweed Specialty Massage call 239-220-9943 or visit

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Our newest Merlot Manicure and Pedicure are a hit! It truly is the ultimate pampering experience and it takes place right in your own home!

Do you suffer from chronic headaches or migraines? A recent study showed that massage therapy recipients exhibited fewer migraines and better sleep quality during the weeks they received massage, and the three weeks following, than did participants that did not receive massage therapy. Another study found that in adults with migraine headaches, massage therapy decreased the occurrence of headaches, sleep disturbances and distress symptoms. It also increased serotonin levels, believed to play an important role in the regulation of mood, sleep and appetite.

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Your Place Massage is officially taking appointments for our Signature Manicures and Pedicures! We could not be happier to offer this pampering service to all of our wonderful clients! For a detailed description of these amazing new services visit or call 239-220-9943!
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