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Dunkey Halton
There are two of us in here. Not in some dumb metaphorical way, just literally two people. You probably need to know that.
There are two of us in here. Not in some dumb metaphorical way, just literally two people. You probably need to know that.

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useful encounters from today's yoon-suin game

opium junkies lying in a plaza, senseless, next to a ziggurat. too far gone to notice that a gelatinous cube is slurping all their flesh off, one by one. two polished skeletons and a third guy being actively digested by the cube - his right arm is nothing but bone. the cube has a million hp but is too slow to catch anything awake. the players dealt with this by moving the junkies up one level of the ziggurat. the cube can't climb stairs so it just bounces gently off the wall

marxist orangutan inspired by a line in a patrick post about men becoming apes for political reasons
exiled from the yellow city for attempting to incite a revolt against the capitalist slug men. doesn't know how long ago. wears a beret and smokes a pipe. lives in a treehouse and sleeps in a hammock. possibly more cartoony than patrick intended. offers the players food and shelter but insists they read its manifesto and listen to its beat poetry. like that scene in the rick and morty purge episode when they have to listen to the guy's tale. also insists that they stop using slave children as mineshaft canaries, which is obviously ridiculous, that's what slaves are for

djinn in an urn. pcs let it out of the urn. it announces it will grant them one wish and then... cut off their heads! hahaha! pcs wish it would get back in the urn. they pick up the urn and take it with them, planning to come up with a smart solution later

something fun with a mosaic on the bottom of a lake that i can't explain here because Nico is one of my players and they haven't figured out what its deal is yet. they tried to solve it for a while then gave up and went another way

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website written by the dero

"When the Eldridge reappeared in Philadelphia Harbour it was discovered that all of it's equipment was destroyed - the control room was a smoking ruins - ONLY the Zero time reference generator remained intact in it's cabinet.

This was the most important piece of equipment - it was built by Nikola Tesla. It locked the ship and it's inanimate objects into the basic time reference of this space-time continuum.

However humans are not automatically locked into this time reference but have individual time locks based on

when you are born and when you die. The problem was always to lock the individual time into the ships time reference."
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The positions you can have on an oil rig sound like the same horrible shit from whaling ships. Could probably mash them together to get the names for roles on asteroid mining, comet catching, sun skimming, etc. ships

Toolpusher The highest position at the drilling location, responsible for every crew
Driller Head of the crew
(Derrickhand (derrick-man)* Responsible for the drilling mud, the mud pits where drilling fluids are circulated around the system, and the mud pumps
Pit Watcher Responsible for the drilling mud, the mud pits, and associated pumping/circulating of mud and various fluids through the pits, downhole and returning through the pits
Motorman (motorhand) Responsible for maintenance of various engines, water pumps, water lines, steam lines and boilers
Boilerman The boilerman also functions as the laundryman, steam-cleaning the last crew's greasy work clothes in the "blow barrel", hanging them up to dry in the warm air near the boilers
Chainhand (Floorhand) Throws chains around
Leadhand/Floorhand ("worm") Usually the lowest member of the drilling crew, those in this position are often nicknamed "worm", because this hand has the dirtiest and most physically demanding position. The floorhand works primarily on the rig floor where he is the one actually operating the tongs, iron roughneck, tugger, and catwalk, and doing pretty much any other job which is asked of him
Roustabout (leasehand) The roustabout does most of the painting and cleaning so roughnecks can take care of other work
Ginsel The worm's helper. This is an insult among roughnecks. Also called the fifth hand
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the Greek magical papyri

"If He [i.e., a punishment daimon] comes forth, say to Him: "I am
Ereschigal, the One holding Her Thumbs, and not even one Evil
can befall Her!" If, however, He comes close to you, take hold of
your Right Heel and recite the following: "Ereschigal, Virgin, Bitch,
Serpent, Wreath, Key, Herald's Wand, Golden Sandal of the Lady
of Tartaros!" And you will avert Him. "ASKEI KATASKEI ERO'N
SEMNE', I have been initiated, and I went down into the
Underground Chamber of the Dactyls, and I saw the Other Things
Down Below, Virgin, Bitch, and all the rest!" Say It at the
Crossroad, and turn around and flee, because it is at those Places
that She appears. "
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Ok ok so a Bond villain who's face blind.
Can't tell the difference between Bond and their henchmen.
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Gangster Generator
Here is a gangster generator I made instead of working on my thesis. For best results, read every entry in a Tony Soprano accent.
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The Art of Nine Limbs
Practitioners of Lethwei, the Art of Nine Limbs, learn one technique from the below list every level. You must learn these techniques from a master, which could mean training you Bull Style under the head of a martial arts school, or perfecting your Cobra Technique by striking the vital points of a hundred actual cobras
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some miscellaneous generators

I put some of the name generators from our ecosystem generator and our dungeon generator on Twine and set it up so you can generate them individually. Maybe that's useful, I don't know.
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a list of supernatural beings in the British Isles

found here:

from a 19th-century set of pamphlets called the Denham Tracts, which may have gotten them from a 16th-century book called The Discoverie of Witchcraft. i might research this more later. possibly where Tolkein got the word "hobbit"
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