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Andy Ks
...dissonant acoustic. California Desert Acoustic Musician
...dissonant acoustic. California Desert Acoustic Musician

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7 separate 27 foot diameter mirrors
10 times sharper images than Hubble

now they'll be able to see even better...that there's still no aliens found...

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Q. What is truth?
A. Nature's undefined primordial unconditional love.

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Coachella Valley Locals TONIGHT
Live musicians/artists/writers gathering tonight in Cat City.

Desert Writers, Artists, Musicians and Creatives Meetup and CONNECTED at the Coachella Valley Art Scene TONIGHT.

I'll be playing my new classical guitar piece. The classical guitar piece is the first 1/2 of my new two part series music presentation Memories Of Human Traits. The first part being a classical guitar piece, the second part is my rock acoustic song as counter balance to the theme, the verbal definition in vibe with my dissonant acoustic....Memories Of Human Traits by Andy Ks.

Saturday, May 16, 2015
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

The Coachella Valley Art Scene
68571 E. Palm Canyon , Cathedral City, CA

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Happy Birthday Tots
2 years' old today!

Here's a pic of my most awesome happy dog Tots after a birthday walk and bath aftermath this morning.... she picked up a whole bunch of little stickers.... living the good dog life! ha

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The endless philosophical truths in a pizza... You get to decide the toppings, what time you want it, if you like it thin, it's thin for you, if you like it thick, it's thick for you, if you like to share, share, you want it for yourself, keep it for yourself and other people look at it like they want it...etc....
You really can't argue with this ...

#ThoughtOfTheDay   #Pizza   #Truth  

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I miss this is pretty fun, thanx dood!

Robin Williams tribute by +Jamie Costa

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It's only cruelty when you have compassion for life.

There is no amount of respect included in designer food of animals, let alone factory farming of animals and using them as functional food objects for your pleasure. For example foie gras. 

Lack of respect, sadly starts, with lack of respect you have for yourself.

#ItsNotFoodItsViolence #UntilEveryAnimalIsFree

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Before & After Going Organic
Rid buildup of pesticides in your body.

Your body to chemical corporations...they call it their Petri dish.

Let alone no testing of individual chemicals, no testing of chemicals when ingested, and no testing of the interactions of all various chemicals in your body.

To whose benefit are you willing to assume that responsibility against yourself? And for what reason?

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Question Your Chemical Consumption
Consumers control world production.

Maybe one untested chemical isn't enough to demand change?

What about 80,000 untested chemicals, and all the untested possible common multiple permutations with each other? Is that still not enough for you to demand you make a change in the way you decide to buy products, and the products you buy? Or you further decide to make a direct call to change what is acceptable for companies to produce.

The products you buy are not just about what you's about where the parts of the product come from, the packaging, where it was manufactured, what was used to create the product, let along the human factors such as treatment of the employees, their pay, etc.... Chemicals are everywhere, they're in your food, your clothes, your walls, your car, your computer, your air...your body. They don't always have to be, just buy simply buying a different product.

Maybe you'll wait to question when a loved one gets cancer, and you start to consider the more obvious...besides just saying "that's life," or that it's somehow just a part of a natural process:

✓ Pesticides
✓ Industry Waste Byproducts
✓ Consumer Products
✓ Pollution

Your Choices Can Make The Difference

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Digital Composition Graphic Style Folder Photoshop Tats

A bit different style tats created that breakaway from a standard layout...
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