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Listen to songs selected by Fallen Within in this playlist.

Anna Baty

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"Stop and Notice".

Life holds so much beauty. Stop and Notice it. Notice the warm of a small child and their smiling faces. Smell the rain and feel the coolness of the wind. Take the time in your life to notice the small things around you because soon they will be gone. Live your life to the fullest, but also, "Stop and Notice" take the time to enjoy your life.

Laugh when you see the funny moments, Cry when you need to know matter if others are around. Remember above all live every moment being happy with your life and with those around you. Because we all only have one life don't waste it being unhappy. Take the time to,
"Stop and Notice".

Rascal Flatts My Wish (with lyrics)

Written by,
Anna Baty, 5-10-16

Anna Baty

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People of the world.
Wake up!!!!

People of the world. Wake up.

Ungrateful people forget what they are grateful for. It's time they wake up and realize one day those that do for you will no longer be around to be Unappreciated. Then what are you left with? Incase a few of you forgot the definition here it is for you!!!!

Knowing that "un-" means "not," you can probably figure out that someone who is unappreciated is someone whose value is not recognized or someone you take for granted. We all can feel unappreciated at times, but feeling that way might help us appreciate others that can't feel the need to Appreciate.

Written by,
Anna Baty, 4-21-16


Anna Baty

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Amazing talent. 
Erase by Fallen Within, Rock music from Hoxie, AR on ReverbNation
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yeahhh all

Anna Baty

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Anna Baty originally shared:
"Because I think your amazing"

We all have flaws, no one is perfect. Everyone has at least 1 or 2 bad qualities about themselves they don't like. I believe that’s the interesting thing about us we’re not perfect at all but I think that’s what makes us so amazing and unique.

Look at yourself and say Hey!!! I do have more good qualities then bad, even though i may not see it, I can be a really good person at heart and I care about people. I know I can learn to love myself as I am. "Because I'm amazing".

I'm a person with my own thoughts, feelings, and dreams and I think that alone is something to be very proud of. I have compassion, Love and hope for all those around me.
Yes I'm stingy at times, I speak my mind and I indulge a little to much sometimes. But always remember, You’re so much more then you think you are. Don’t you think that’s amazing?
I think you amazing the way you are.

Written by,
Anna Baty, 7-2-15

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Yes we are not perfect....far from it..+Anna Baty.....hiw you doing? Friend.

Anna Baty

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To that special Man in my Life.

You give fever that's so hard to bear. You give me fever when you Kiss me - Fever when you hold me tight. Fever in the morning - Fever all through the night.

Fever - Peggy Lee (lyrics)Fever ♥ Peggy Lee (lyrics)
Anna Baty
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Anna Baty

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We all have Rights -We all should matter. Stop the Racism. Stop the killings.

We All Matter, You are not alone. My name is ? My color is ? My religion is ? My profession is ?. These should not matter. This does not give anyone the right to shoot and kill another out of hate. This world has become a place that is not safe for us or our children. I also wonder does anyones life really matter. Yes they should!!!!

I live down the road from you. I've played with your kids. We have all attended local functions together. I am married I have 2 children I work at a local factory. I also have a permit that gives me the right to carry a gun. This does not give me the right to kill others unless my family or my life is being threatened. Then I have the right to shoot or to maim them. This does not give another human being the right to kill me dead. If I'm being peaceful then listen to me. If I'm being uncontrollable then find a peaceful way to arrest me but don't kill me.

Written by,
Anna Baty, 7-10-16

Anna Baty

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A story that all Mothers need to read because if the bill passes if will affect a lot of your daughters lives in the future.
I placed 3 links below to read more on the stories.

In "WASHINGTON" The House Armed Services Committee approved a measure 32-30 on 4-27-16 for all women age 18 to register for the military draft. On Oct -1 The full House will take up the bill then.

The House Armed Services Committee approved a measure Wednesday, 4-27-16 requiring all women age 18 to register for the military draft, a move that comes just a few months after the Defense Department lifted all gender based restrictions on the frontline combat units.

The House committee votes to require women to register for draft. It passed the committee by a vote of 32-30. Hunter’s amendment will be included in the defense policy bill that authorizes the defense budget for the fiscal year that begins. On Oct -1 The full House will take up the bill then.

Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) said she supported Hunter’s measure.

“I actually think if we want equality in this country, if we want women to be treated precisely like men are treated and that they should not be discriminated against, we should be willing to support a universal conscription,” she said.

Rep. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.), a retired Air Force fighter pilot, said draftees aren’t exclusively sent to the front lines. There are plenty of other useful, noncombat positions for them to fill, she said. The link to this story,

Army Gen. Mark Milley and Marine Gen. Robert Neller both flatly said that women should be included in the requirement to register for the selective service at age 18. The link on this story -

Anna Baty, This bill will affect the lives of many women that turn the age 18, and in all forces of the Services.


Anna Baty

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They say the greatest achievement the Devil ever accomplished was convincing the world that he didn't exist. I disagree. I think that there was something much..

Anna Baty

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The Email Connect Program bonus is a one-time bonus awarded for connecting your primary online shopping email. We're working to better understand online purchasing behavior, and by connecting you...

Anna Baty

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A New Beginning in 2016.

Begin today by saying that you are willing to let go of your struggles and eager to learn and live your new life through Happiness. There are two mistakes we make along the way to our new beginnings. First one is not going all the way, The second one is to keep starting over. We all seem to start wherever we feel most comfortable at in our lives. That is mostly what stops us from moving toward the bigger picture in our lives.

We can't wait until we think the conditions in are perfect to begin. Your new beginning will be what makes the conditions perfect for you to start that new Journey. Yes you will be worried and afraid of the unknown because you are heading out on a new adventure. Not knowing what's ahead is the hardest for most of us.

We must remember we are allowed to change our minds along the way and we can try going down a different path. Nothing tells us it has to be done in a day. Because we are given a complete year to fulfill our new journey. We must allow change in our lives to renew and rejuvenate ourselves. If not we will see ourselves standing at the same crossroads we started at thinking did we ever move in any direction to get a start on our New Year.

Written by,
Anna Baty, 01-01-16

Anna Baty

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No words can answer "Why".
I dedicate the song below for you to know I'm always here.

We all have been struck with the sudden loss of a loved ones death. Their is no answer to why? But that doesn't stop us from asking and waiting for an answer. Even if we were to get an answer to why? would we still want to hear it - No.

All we can do is hold our true ones in our hearts. Live our lives making them proud. Raise our children to make them proud of us as our loved ones were of us. Celebrate knowing they were the biggest part of our lives. Live and rejoice because I say this to you my child.

Remember you will feel our touch as we softly pass by. We as your Parents, need you to know that we will never be away from your side. We want you to feel the soft kiss on your cheek, this is for the times you start to feel week. When you feel a breeze that closes in on you. It will be me your Mother or father saying,
"I will forever love you". My child. As I dedicate this song to you my child.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA LYRICS for I Turn To You (onscreen text)

Written by,
Anna Baty, 11-2-15

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I'm tired of Walking into doors.

I'm tired of Walking into doors. It's time to -Turn the key and walk back through. When you turn all the noise off what do you hear, What do

"Stop and Notice".

"Stop and Notice". Life holds so much beauty. Stop and Notice it. Notice the warm of a small child and their smiling faces. Smell the rain a

Come together "Unite as One" and help those in need.

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No words can answer "Why".

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