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Sorry for the long absence everyone. Now I'm back and with some exciting news. 

I'm going to work for a tech startup for what is hopefully a long-term gig. It's a very small company now, but with potential to become huge. Really looking forward to the opportunity. 

And most importantly, that may leave me some more down time to come back on Google Plus now and then. 

Does anybody know of some good productivity apps for Windows 8? 

I've just started working with a small tech startup, and they don't have Microsoft Office or any sort of productivity software on their computers. I don't have the rights to install any third party software, but Windows store apps are fine. I know there's got to be some hidden gems out there. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Web-based apps and tools are also fine (like Google Docs, Office Online, etc.) 

Is it weird that I use Google Plus without Google forcing me to? 

Merry Christmas from Nokia and AT&T. Guess who's getting the Nokia Black update already. 

Yahoo needs to go back to the previous version of their webmail. The new one is simply atrocious, and their recent email problems would make a great opportunity to roll it back. Users are starting to get fed up enough to leave. 

I like YouTube, and I even like Google Plus. But what I do not like is Google's frequent and aggressive attempts to force my decisions as a consumer by tying unrelated products together or making things difficult for mutual customers of Google and competitors like Microsoft. The changes to the YouTube commenting system are just another example of Google trying, not to please, but rather to control their customers. That is unacceptable. 

Does anyone else use Bing Sports on Windows Phone 8? I've pinned the only team I care about to the start screen and enabled the live tile, but the tile never does anything. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? If anyone who uses this app could let me know how the live tile function works, I'd appreciate it, because right now it doesn't seem to do anything. 

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I'd recommend that all my Google Plus followers go to this link and uncheck the box near the bottom of the page. Much like Facebook, Google has given itself permission to use your likeness in advertisements. 

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Could this be Samsung's next Windows Phone? Rumor is they're working on flexible displays. Do you think this quirky design would be more suited to Windows Phone than Android? 

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As if we needed another reason to hate Facebook, the least ethical company on the planet. Basically anything you put on Facebook can be sold to advertisers who can  then use your image to sell any product, without your consent or even letting you know that it's happening. A court recently forced them to give users the ability to opt-out, but most people don't even know that this happens, much less where to go to opt out. It turns out, Facebook hocked a picture of an underage girl who was raped, bullied for it, and later committed suicide, to be used in an advertisement for a dating website. 
How sleazy is that? Facebook is blaming the company than ran the ad, but all of this stems from their own horrible policy of selling users' lives to the highest bidder without giving a damn if they were the victim of a tragic crime. It's only after they were hit with the backlash that they said anything about it at all. Facebook might not be responsible for genocide, but things like this put them around the same level of morality as Hitler as far as I'm concerned. 
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