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Aaron Shirzadi
Moar phones!!!
Moar phones!!!


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Definitely one of my favorite episodes. So fun to watch the engine build!!!

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I'm getting a bit tired of the best rom question. There is no best rom, it's all down to personal preference. What's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander. So I'm pinning this post in the hope that people will see this rather than post the same question yet again. I know no one will read it and still post but I tried. All the best rom posts will be deleted, unless you catch me in a good mood. So feel free to comment on here and give your opinion. I could only have 5 so my bad I choose the 5 I would use. Sorry for putting tesla and tipsy together, I know there not the same but I wanted them both in the poll and that's the only way I could do it. Best rom for me obviously Candy ftw πŸ‘
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Broken os
Tesla /Tipsy

Professional service. Very friendly!

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ATTN app and ROM developers:

After about a month of being on the back burner I finally got the anti-piracy support to a point where it's sufficient for public use and I would like invite you all to take part in contributing to improving it.Β  The concept is fairly simple: to disable and remove blacklisted malware and specific black market piracy apps similar to how a hosts file works for garbage websites.Β  Please help show support to the themers and app developers who make their living off of development by making piracy a little less easy to accomplish.

Also for those of you that are constantly putting people down for using piracy markets: here's a chance to actually do something about it

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When you finally trim all the unnecessary cables out of your PC πŸ‘Œ

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I've seen some pretty cool hacks to fix the this problem, but this is a solution you could use on any Microsoft or Apple product.ο»Ώ

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