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Andrew Abernathy
Inbound Marketer and Digital Strategist.
Inbound Marketer and Digital Strategist.

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Man....that would be so hard to read.

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If 5 people click on this link, I'll supposedly be upgraded at the Internet Summit to VIP. Do me a solid, please!

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He wasn't wrong.
    All-too-prescient words from Republican Abraham Lincoln.
These words have all but been forgotten by today's corporate-bought politicians. The shining exception is presidential candidate +Bernie Sanders who can't be bought -- and who is fighting to bring back economic fairness to the USA.  The middle class is disappearing in our country; let's fight to get it back.
                     I'm with him, are you?

some interesting links:  
Bernie on Corporate Greed (2011)
Bernie Grills Alan Greenspan on the Danger of Wealth and Power (1998)

#Bernie2016     #FeelTheBern     #mydailybernie  

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Great video in concept and message. Liked the crowdsourced list to make his point. What's on the list is second to that message.
Top 12 Ways to show Southern Pride without a Confederate Flag

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This is and always will be an upsetting topic, for two reasons: 1) that it is happening and ruining peoples' lives and 2) that it could easily be prevented if asshole men stood up to the few who do this instead of hiding behind a wall of "not me" and getting mad at the messenger for bringing it up.

This "not me" attitude is how we excuse the worst of our kind. Recently, we've seen a TON of "not me"s going around in the wake of the Charleston shootings, specifically centered around gun control and the use of the Confederate flag. 

How about if it's not you, then you take a stand against the assholes who seem to be giving what you love (flippant gun use, symbols of oppression and treason, and keeping women down) a bad name.... 

+Belated Media 
Everyone crying foul in the comments should really stop and think if they're contributing to the problem or not...

(Also that updated commercial at the end was perfect.)

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"Interesting" is not the word I'd use to describe this +Andrew Lake, although "Scary" is accurate. 
Check out this video on YouTube:
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