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The Rosenkranz Foundation is to encourage the highest levels of achievement and innovation in public policy, higher education and the arts.
The Rosenkranz Foundation is to encourage the highest levels of achievement and innovation in public policy, higher education and the arts.
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How to Win at Intelligence Squared US

“What appears to be the a consensus at the start of a debate is often illusory,” says +Vox contributor Lee Drutman, a big fan of +Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates Debates who took an in-depth analysis of the IQ2US compiled data. And in doing so, learned how to win at Intelligence Squared debates.

Detailed graphics and statistics help to illustrate his insights and show us the biggest swings from 119 debates. Read the entire article here:

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Is there an important correlation between Elia Kazan and Budd Schulberg’s 1950s film “A Face in the Crowd” and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign?

In 1957, two artists created a brilliant movie made nearly sixty years ago. Written by Budd Schulberg and directed by Elia Kazan—both giants in their day—the film marked a stunning acting triumph for Andy Griffith, in his first movie role, as the central character, Lonesome Rhodes.

My latest piece for The Huffington Post looks at Kazan and Schulberg’s phenomenally prescient perspective they imagined, with potentially poisonous intersections between mass media, celebrity, and political power. A hallmark example of art presaging the reality of a distant future with uncanny accuracy.

Read the entire article here:

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What if human beings didn’t have to grow old and die?  That’s how we framed the latest +Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates, “Lifespans Are Long Enough.”

Let’s jump right into the debate. Transcribed in the full article ( are the opening remarks with moderator +John Donvan, which you can watch in the full video here:

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In his book “A Troublesome Inheritance,” author Nicholas Wade sparked an international debate among scientific researchers, presenting an “archive of wholly new data about the human story.”

Wade argues that science seems to be ignoring rather concrete evidence that identifies genetic differences between human beings. According to his research, genetics can explain questions about distinct elements in human history: why the Industrial Revolution was not a global phenomenon, or why China has maintained a unified and authoritarian state for millennia.

Has political correctness prevented science from exploring the genetic differences between human beings? What would make the resulting battle of scientific sensibilities worthwhile?

My take on the book:
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LIVE: Should the presidential debates be held Oxford style? +Robert Rosenkranz and +John Donvan think so.

Listen to the live interview here: 

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Are the presidential debate formats due for an update? Can we have a debate where the public, not pundits, can declare the winner?

Prime-time presidential debates were once a brilliant innovation of the 1960s, meant to inform voters and let them see the candidates in action. Yet what we see on TV today has become shallow and pithy in all the wrong ways. In my latest Op-Ed piece for The Wall Street Journal, John Donvan and I propose an alternative to the current and ineffective presidential debates: the Oxford-style debate. Read our take here:
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Tucked away in the remote archipelago of the Setouichi Islands of Japan, tucked away is Naoshima Island. An extraordinary contemplation turned reality, interlacing contemporary art and architecture, serving as a prototype of enterprise and creativity in a singular space.

My recent visit prompted this photographic chronicle of such a mystical place:

#Fukutai   #Naoshima   #Benesse   #TadaoAndo   #ChiChuArtMuseum   #LeeUfan  

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More than 90% of America’s prison population has never had a jury trial. Instead, they are in jail following plea bargains negotiated with prosecutors.

In these negotiations, prosecutors have vastly more bargaining power than the accused. Since plea bargaining saves time for judges, juries, and the entire apparatus of the court system, it is arguably an efficient approach. But does it produce just results?

That question has given rise to the recent Intelligence Squared US Debate: “U.S. Prosecutors Have Too Much Power.”

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Today, with a multiplicity of cable outlets and other digital media, the strategy for television networks has changed.The evolution in media reinforced a tendency toward polarization in politics, as Democrats and Republicans alike are driven towards extremes by the minority that vote in primaries. It was against this backdrop, +Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates was launched.

Inspired by the screening of the new documentary "Best of Enemies," +Robert Rosenkranz's latest piece for +TheHuffingtonPost looks into dawn of intellectual debate in mass media.

Read the entire article here:

#BestofEnemies   #GoreVidal   #WilliamFBuckley   #HuffingtonPost   #ABC   #PresidentialElection   #MediaStudies  

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Iran doubled the number of nuclear centrifuges installed in its underground Fordow site throughout the summer of 2012. Find out why the mere possession of #nuclearweapons  creates major problems for #Israel

In this +Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates video, debaters examine the problems surrounding Israel and a nuclear Iran. Watch and listen carefully:       
#Iran   #IQ2US   #nucleariran   #nuclearwar  
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