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Introducing yet another amenity to Sri Lanka MyDoctor launches its pregnancy support service under the flag MyDoctor “ Senehasa” a supportive service for “moms to be” which goes on for a period of 2 years from pre-pregnancy to delivery and continues until the baby is 1 year old. “Senhasa” guides you by gearing you up on your road to motherhood.

Pregnancy is a blessing of happiness to both the “mom and dad to be” that brings out only love and laughter. Those 9 months within the womb of a pretty “mom-to-be” is a life that is the future of our society securely tucked away, awaiting greatness. This is a feeling to be cherished and enjoyed every moment of every day until you meet your miracle. During this period “moms-to-be” are the center of attention in society with their round tummy are the vision of hope as their bodies change rapidly to accommodate the baby growing inside. This is a time where the “moms-to-be” are concerned and overwhelmed by the surrounding gestures. Thus, even small discomforts appear colossal causing them to worry about the development and well -being of their unborn baby. MyDoctor takes it upon themselves to eliminate and mitigate these worries by lending a “listening ear” to the mom to be’s worries and concerns. Providing a gateway to give the parents the necessary support emotionally, physically and financially giving you time to enjoy each “Flutter” you will experience.

In keeping with MyDoctor's digital platform and solution methods, MyDoctor uses technology once again to provide you with the above services in a safe secure manner that would be cost effective and beneficial to parents. From a range of services spanning from basic guidance to specialist consultations, proactive calls every trimester, vaccination reminders (Baby), physiotherapy consultations, psychology consultations and nutritional advice via the platform MyDoctor address necessary aspects of Pregnancy and Motherhood. MyDoctor goes an extra mile with the “Senehasa” package and provides parents with Pre-natal grooming classes and midwife home visits to ensure you and your baby’s well-being. MyDoctor has also taken the responsibility in providing a rich source if reliable information via Videos and articles on Maternity care and Child care which are compiled with the contribution of Specialists and health care professionals.
In conclusion MyDoctor has provided Sri Lanka with yet another services of convenience and efficiency much required in todays hectic world. MyDoctor “Senehasa” enables and provides parents with that precious time required to enjoy the greatest time of their lives.
A spokesperson for MyDoctor revealed that further details about the "Senehasa" services and subscription can be obtained by visiting or calling their hotline on 0710247000.

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