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Enjoy the video!
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Hoi pat, I just want to say I love your videos, can I get a shout out in your next five nights at Freddy video, that would be great, tell jen I said hoi!:3
hi pat i am your addicted fan i have a sister she love you guys and we hope to get a shot out plz and jen you my idol of fashion pat you inspired me but pat plz no videos by yourself it get really boring without Jen making you laugh
Hi i subscribed i am not well did you know that i just turned ten on this christ
I subscribed to your channel pat and jen you guys are awesome 
i subscribed to you guys i love you guys and you r amazing keep up the good work and can you help me out and give me a shout out and also subscribe to me plz
Mango please play on servers again. Play dragon escape on mineplex
XD Cloud has the right idea! I kinda feel sorry 4 u, Pat. 😂😂😯😯😥😥😛😛 ( What i think Cloud is thinking: 😼😼😺😺😸😸😹😹)
hey pat and jen me and my friend are working on a theme park to send to you guys later hope you can do a vidieo on it soon.

My theme park is ( almost) ready! It is small, but so fun! It is 4 x- box 360
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