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Bell County Criminal Cases

Recently I represented a man who had several prior criminal cases. On this case, he wanted to have a jury decide his case. What struck me as odd was that he did not know how criminal cases proceed through the Bell County system. So, I as sat and explained it to him I thought I would share my thought with others. So here I go…
There are generally two ways for the case to begin. The exception is an alcohol related case where blood was taken from the suspect.
Number One
Arrested at the scenes of an alleged offense. Here the police are at the scene and form an opinion that a crime has been committed. The officers will make an arrest then take the suspect to jail. Once at the jail the officers will prepare the arrest affidavit. This is often referred to as a probable cause affidavit. The Killeen Police Department currently have their own jail for short term confinement. All the other agencies take the suspect to the Bell County Jail.
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