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Amitabha Palmer
If you could do a priori science, the Greeks would have had iphones.
If you could do a priori science, the Greeks would have had iphones.

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Google Delists Natural News for Search Results: Thoughts and Shots
EDIT: After I wrote this post, Google tweeted a statement clarifying why Natural News had been delisted. It had nothing to do with the content, rather they were using redirect techniques prohibited Google's webmaster guidelines. Regardless of why Google del...

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Thinking Critically about Politics: Executive Orders and Executive Overreach
Article II of the Constitution allows the POTUS to bypass Congress and issue orders that are binding on federal administrative agencies. Lately, we're hearing about--and should continue to hear about--the issue of "executive overreach". The general claim is...

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Annual Fitness Post: Aristotle in the Gym
Introduction I always enjoy writing my annual fitness post. I’m amazed at how much I learn about fitness each year even though I’ve basically been involved in it my whole life. For my past fitness posts: Injury Prevention without Giving Up Intensity or Gain...

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RRAR! A Four Step Method for Critical Thinking in the Digital Age
Introduction In philosophy it's often said that there are 'lumpers' and 'spliters'. Lumpers try to unify discrete kinds under one category while spliters argue for maintaining (and insisting on more) distinctions between kinds. When it comes to critical thi...

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Fake News vs "Fake" News: Critically Thinking About Media in a Fact-Free World
Introduction Post-Trump and leading up to his election there's been much hullaballoo about fake news. Various online publications have weighed in providing lists of fake news sources. Reading these articles leads me to believe there's some conceptual cloudi...

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Your Probably a Dum Voter: Let Me Tell You Why
Introduction Before you get all offended 'n stuff, this blog post applies to me. Before the election, from my ivory tower  I looked down upon the low information voter. They are ruining democracy! They don't even know what they're voting for? People ought t...

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Freedum Vs Freedom: What's the Difference and Why Should We Care? USA! USA! Edition
Introduction Freedom. No single word is found more often on the lips of the American politician. It is 'Murika's rallying cry. But what does it mean? And, once we've settled on a meaning, what sorts of actions does that value commit us to?  As everyone know...

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You CAN Make Friends with Salad: Giving Up Meat without Giving Up Gainz
Introduction This post has been a long time coming. Over the last few years I've had a lot people ask me how to reconcile a vegetarian diet with high-level athletic training. Before getting into the nuts and beans, let me first emphasize that I follow a veg...

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Understanding Philosophy in the Real World: Brexit
Introduction My second semester of teaching philosophy 101 I had that student; the one that every teacher dreads. You know, the one that sits there all class with a scowl on her face and only opens her mouth to say "What's the point? Why are we even doing t...

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Religious Beer Goggles and Why I am the First Eagle of The Apocalypse
The Hook: Only through the beer goggles of religion can one claim everyone deserves to die for all and any (perceived) moral infractions and not see the view as repugnant. Introduction My attitude towards religion has several times swung from extreme to ext...
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