My response to +Brian Koberlein's public posting has apparently been rather quickly removed from its comments, so I now reshare this publicly from The New Meta-physics Paradigm community for all to see so they won't miss the obvious controversy (and serious problem) this causes the entire astronomy community (to include all astronomers, astrophycists and cosmologists). - Sorry Brian…, simply removing my response posting is definitely not going to make this go away.
"Dark Matter" and the "missing mass" problem
I will try to keep this short, but…

     There is neither "dark matter" nor is there "missing mass." - Astronomers worked out how much mass there is in the galaxy and "determined" that there wasn't enough mass to gravitationally hold the galaxy together, assuming that mass is directly proportional to gravity, which it is decidedly not.
     "They say" that if you were to double the mass of Earth (rotating at the same speed) you would weigh twice as much, but not so at all. - However, if you were to double the rate of Earth's rotation without adding any mass, then you would weigh twice as much. - This is very important to understand.
     So here's the problem. - In the mid- to late 1980s Vera Cooper Ruben measured how fast stars were orbiting the galaxy from near the center out to its edge and discovered that they all orbited at the same speed. - Other astronomers glommed onto this and claimed it was because of their silly "dark matter" theory. - This supposedly fixed the "missing mass" problem, too. - However…
     If the rotational speed (angular momentum) of mass is more important in explaining why you would weigh twice as much if you only doubled the rotational speed of Earth, then mass can't be directly proportional to gravity. - This is key here. - And this being the case…
     Then the only thing that can reasonably explain why stars orbit the central supermassive black hole in the galaxy at the same speed all the way to the edge is if it is breaking the inverse square law of gravity in space/time from the fifth dimension ("beyond" space/time). - This easily explains why there is no missing mass or "dark matter."
     "They say," too, that a black hole's gravity is so strong that it literally frame drags the very fabric of space/time around it nearby. - They really need to study very closely the initial varying of gravity's strength near the galactic center while also observing that it flattens out quickly and stays flat all the way to the edge of the galaxy. - This makes so much more sense than some quite mystical "dark matter" that would have to have some very interesting (and varying) properties to have each star farther from the galactic center to still maintain the same speed. - It simply makes no sense. - shrug
     Okay, Einsteinian thought experiment time for much easier understanding why: Let's assume that mass and gravity are directly proportional and let's assume that the inverse square law of gravity in space/time holds true also for a black hole. - Let's also assume that "dark matter" doesn't exist for the sake of this thought experiment.
     If it is true (which it is) that if you could double the distance of Earth from the sun that it would only feel 1/4 of the gravity of the sun and orbit much more slowly, then the stars out at the very edge of the galaxy would feel such negligible gravity from the galaxy's central supermassive black hole that any gravitational influence whatsoever would tend to draw it away from the galaxy, not make it continue to orbit and at the same speed as every other star from the edge to near its center!
     Everyone I have explained this to has no problem understanding this at all. - So you see how silly this "dark matter" thing really is. - shrug - They're never going to find "dark matter" because it simply doesn't exist.
     The problem they're left with is to admit that there really is a fifth dimension that is "beyond" space/time. - They don't talk about the fifth dimension because they know that if it were real that you could not take a yardstick of any kind there to measure anything, which is true enough in itself. - However they can measure how many solar masses a black hole has from the first four dimensions (space/time). - They're simply going to have to get over this silly "dark matter" thing to ever understand that there is no missing mass. - Any object orbiting any black hole of any size exhibits the fact that it is breaking the inverse square law in space/time from the fifth dimension, which is "where" a black hole exists, the only "place" that it possibly could still conserve such extreme angular momentum of the amount of mass that has become part of it. - nodding - And there you have it. - Thanks for reading. --RK
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