One "small step" for Einstein…
Discover with me the "message in a bottle" he left.
The Einstein Connection - "One Step"

Remember the picture of Einstein sticking out his tongue? - Well, I know why he did.
     Did you know that the center of our galaxy is pulling on us right now, keeping our solar system in orbit around it? - Yes, gravity is always in real time. - Let's say we take a weight that's on the end of a string and sling it around us in a circle. - How quickly would the weight on the end of that string know when you let it go? - Immediately, right! - In that simple analogy is gravity in a nutshell, and Einstein proved it, but he never talked about it. - There are more steps to this that he also proved, but he could only take that one step for another down the line who would understand exactly in what direction he took that step to take the next. - This is not only about gravity being independent of space/time.
     In the early 1900s Einstein put out the call for astronomers to take high resolution pictures of solar eclipses. - Arthur Eddington was one of a few who did. - Einstein knew that gravity bends light and he knew why. - Astronomers already knew exactly the location in the sky of many stars at least down to the dimmest ones in naked-eye visibility. - Just before Eddington's measurements came in Einstein finalized his equation which indicated that a star next to the sun during eclipse totality would be 3/4s of an arc second out of position (360° in a circle, 60 minutes per degree and 60 seconds per minute of arc). - And this is exactly the measurement of displacement that Eddington found, too! - That wasn't much, but if gravity bends light…
     Then light is propagated by gravity, just as air propagates sound, but in a different way. - If gravity bends light, then it propagates it! - (Remember, there are no gravity waves in this new meta-physics paradigm.) - Of course Einstein couldn't talk about this second step, because astronomers, astrophysicists and cosmologists had already decided around the turn of the century before that light can travel in a vacuum with no propagating medium whatsoever. - Some had then lost the argument that the "aether" was what propagated light, others thinking this proposal was just too "ephemeral." - They didn't understand they were talking about gravity, but they knew something was propagating light and still found themselves in the minority opinion.
     Okay, next step. - Gravity cannot propagate light unless it is instantaneous across the universe completely independent of space/time. - This, of course, has many implications across all of cosmology (including the Hubble Constant, the speed of light, the big bang, expansion of the Universe and "dark energy," the theories of which all now have serious problems). - So gravity propagates the waves of the electromagnetic spectrum (which includes light), but it does not have waves itself. - "Gravity waves" simply do not exist. - And 'they' continue to fail to prove they do.
     [If Einstein had gone any further than he did with just that one step, he would have been drummed out of the entire scientific community quite unceremoniously and never again would have been able to work in any scientific field whatsoever, and he knew this (see the first sentence of this posting). - Scientists' "peer review" scheme looks no different from the pecking order I grew up with, with seven older brothers, all who knew much better than myself about all things. - I know a pecking order when I see one, and that's all I've seen in my 50 years studying cosmology.]
     I'll get into what these implications are in my next posting. - Thanks for following along so that you, too, can understand cosmology better than the cosmologists themselves. - smile - There's much more in my book, The Emancipation of Astronomy for the Common Man.

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