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Jan 2017 Update on Water Purification Practices
Safe drinking water,
based on the World Health Organization (2008), is defined as drinking water
that does not represent any significant risk to health over a lifetime of its
consumption. But even in the presence of access to safe water, alone it cannot

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January 2017 Update on Responsible Dog Ownership
        Rabies continues to be a public
health concern in the Philippines. The World Health Organization ranks the
country as one of the top 10 countries with rabies problems (WHO, 2013). According
to the annual human rabies and animal bite victims report f...

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January 2017 Update on Emergency Referral System
In Barangay
Goaw, trauma cases
ranked 7 th in the morbidity cases in 2014. From
2013-2015, 5 cases of labor and delivery, 41 cases of trauma and 5 medical
emergencies with 2 mortalities were documented in Liloy Integrated Health
District Hospital; none of w...

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the Philippines, solid waste disposal is a massive problem. Loads of garbage,
ranging from empty bottles, leftover foods to human excreta, are being
generated every day. The availability of trash bins is considered useless
because people lack the kno...

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January 2017 Update on Water Purification Practices
Goaw has a total number of the 152 households. Out of these, 73 households
(48%) have level 2 water sources, and 66 households (43%) have level 1 water
sources. Most of the households with level 3 water source are piped connections
into the yard, a...

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Jan 2017 Update on Malnutrition
Malnutrition continues to be a major setback
on health that inflicts Filipino children, which inevitably leads to poor
physical and mental performance, poor social relations, unproductiveness, and
worst, illnesses and death. Lack of access to highly nutriti...

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ranked second in the top 10 morbidity cases as of year 2015 of Barangay Goaw,
Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte. Most of the identified hypertensive
individuals lack knowledge about hypertension. They do not see the disease as
life threatening because...

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Para sa Tubig ni Juan: Sept-Nov 2016 Update
To promote health in the community, sufficient
and accessible water supply should be available in the community. But if this
is not possible, household water should be properly handled from the source to
use in order to ensure potable drinking water for eac...

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Ang Batang Himsog Program: Sept-Nov 2016 Update
An age-old problem, malnutrition, as one of
the most renowned health care problem, is still in the back door of our
seemingly progressive health care system. Its presence still cripples our
Filipino children and their families, slowing their growth in all a...

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Kalimpyuhan Para sa Kaayuhan: Sept-Nov 2016 Update
Emphasis has been placed on the three R ’ s: Reduce, Reuse
and Recycle. Composting, a sustainable waste management practice of converting
organic waste into a usable product, provides a means of accomplishing all
three of the R ’ s.   This technique of wast...
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