Der Frühstücksfledermaus (The Breakfast Bat)
Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam

This tiny, 3 centimeter long, bat was found in a box of cereal by a German looking to have a decent breakfast. Because of possible health and safety issues the bat, cereal and packaging were turned over to the Chemischen und Veterinäruntersuchungsamt Stuttgart (CVUA) for analysis.

The CVUA analysed the packaging and concluded the bat had only entered the after it had been opened, evidence of that are tiny droppings (in the vial in the second photograph). Clearly the bat had been alive for sometime, while in the package.

The lesson here is: always store your cereal in a properly sealed container.

The mummified bat, some of the original cereal, and the droppings have been donated to the NMR in Rotterdam. They are now on display, alongside other animals with a peculiar story.

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