Blame it on the Wolf

State register of children who have been devoured by Wolves in the town of Beesel and it's surroundings, as noted in police reports

Between 1810 and 1811 thirteen children were gruesomely murdered, allegedly by Wolves.
The dates, times of discovery and state of the remains were duly noted as can be seen in the document in the right-hand picture.. 
Wolves have always had bad rep as child-killers and man-eaters. But based on the timing of the attacks and the nature of the injuries, modern researchers think that they are more likely to have been caused by 'man's best friend' the dog.

Wolves went extinct in the late 18th early 19th century in the Netherlands, it's murderous reputation and an exaggerated sense of the danger they posed to livestock were the main reasons.
Cases of mistaken identity like this obviously didn't do the wolves any good either.

Images are from the exhibit in the Natural History Museum Maastricht, which I wrote about previously on my blog:
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