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Saumitra Mani Tiwari
People call me Saumi..
People call me Saumi..

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+Bernd Hermanns Thanks for the invite.. :)

+Katia Cristina  Thanks for the invite

+Jason Nevin Thanks for the invitation, I have not been to spain, but through this i would like to learn about the culture, people and amazing atmosphere of Spain, thanks again for the invite.. :)

+Jia Sharma Thanks for the invitation.. :)

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jajajajjaja mas alla jajajajajajajajajajajajajjajajajjaja

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+Tendai Chakuzira thanks for the invite.. :)

Hey , I need to start with the basics of JAVA, anybody who can help me in this.. requirement for that, softwares to run JAVA code and other things, sites where i can find tutorials... anything would help.

Thanks for inviting me to this community, i hope i can learn more about the culture and people of great country of Sri Lanka.. i have always loved your cricket team.. :)
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