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Hogan Hayes
No matter where you go, there you are.
No matter where you go, there you are.


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I don't get it.
I've been told I should not admit this: I have trouble relating to the people who have become increasingly frustrated as a changing world has left them feeling disconnected - even abandoned by their government, the media, science, corporations, and other in...

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What colors the way we listen?
This opinion piece by Austin McCoy opens by noting the left's positive and enthusiastic response to last month's freestyle political rant from Eminem. McCoy goes on to ask? But why did it take [...] until 2017 to afford rap music the respect [...] long give...

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No excuse for silence
Last year I asked Trump voters if they supported the appointment of Steve Bannon. I argued that supporting his appointment showed support for the White Nationalist movement and the philosophy of White Supremacy. The evidence for my argument was pulled from ...

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Not a Game
A good argument is not a game. I've heard people say things like, "She won that argument big league!"  This is just one example of how the language around debate can make arguments seem like competitive matches.  But there is an essential characteristic gam...

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Why #IStandWithCEU
We moved to Budapest in 2004. My wife Dora enrolled in the MBA Program at Central European University. The University plugged her into a network of people who lived, worked, and thrived in a world where borders do not restrict. In seminars, peers from aroun...

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Nesting Dolls and Invisible Work
Much of what I've been writing about this year is linked to how we argue with people who can't agree on what is known . Over in philosophy, they'd say I'm focused on conflicts of  epistemology . I didn't realize a theme was developing, but when I look at ma...

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Pleading Ignorance
The last time I was in school, I enrolled in a seminar on education policy. It's not my area, but the course satisfied a degree requirement. After week one, I learned just how far out of my wheelhouse I had strayed. I enjoyed the seminar and learned a ton, ...

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We Can't Argue about Saydnaya Military Prison
Over the past several years I have tried to remove "moral outrage" from my rhetorical toolbox. I don't want to argue that someone else's views are awful, even if I believe they are. I prefer to build arguments that demonstrate how my position is strong. I d...

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It's Hard to Hear "Wrong"
John William Waterhouse's "Echo and Narcissus" I love mythology. Mythology gives us fun and exciting stories with huge characters you want to believe once roamed the earth. But myths are not real. Just like learning styles . Yeah. That's right. I said it. L...

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Hide Your Degree, Hide Your Accomplishments
My Ph.D. ain't helping. If I want to have a constructive argument with people about politics, I can't refer to my education or my profession anymore . My degrees put me at a disadvantage. That's one way I'm experiencing today's brand of populism. Achievemen...
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