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The things people do to raise money +AICR

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Starting to work on the AICR Google + page. Will have some content up soon.

So the new iPhone is due to be announced on Tuesday. And I'm off to the US on Friday. Who wants one?

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My internet is super slow again tonight. Come on Plusnet - pull the finger out! I used to get 6.5Mbits down and now I'm struggling to get 1!

What's the best way to search for people on G+? I was hoping that search would be more granular (since it's Google) but it looks exactly like Facebook. That means I can type in the name of someone and get a list of everyone with that name. However, this is one of the things I hate about Facebook - I get a list of 500 people sharing that name, and have to click on each of them to find the one I want. G+ could steal a march on Facebook if they made this better, but it looks like they've done exactly the same thing. Or have I missed something?

I love the suggestion on Channel 4 News that the #notw was following a murder case detective whom they suspected was having an affair with one of the Crimewatch presenters. A presenter to whom he was married. Brilliant. 

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Watching +Jeff Jarvis on Channel 4 news

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