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Does non-functional Geneva gear matter?
This post was prompted by my restoration of three watches by Rotherham of Coventry (an unusual number to have in at one time!) two of which had fully functional Geneva stop gear whilst the other was missing part of the device. As explained in some detail in...

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The dreaded bodged impulse jewel "fix".
Waltham 1908 model Balance assembly. A frequently fatal (to the watch) previous repair that I find quite frequently, both recently done to be able to sell a watch and others done many years ago. Horologists please excuse some simplification and omissions he...

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The Louis Brandt and Frère (Omega) "Labrador" movement.
Labrador 15J movement 1897/8 The restoration of a  watch by Louis Brandt and Frère with their "Labrador" movement dating from 1897/8 has prompted this post to correct a misapprehension by some - at least by some sellers on eBay - that the "Labrador" was a b...

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J.W. Benson "The Ludgate"
Left: Size 13 Benson "Ludgate" 13J 1886, Right a size 22 "Ludgate",    The restoration of these Benson "Ludgates" have just been finished, the one on the left from 1886 and is a typical size 16, the one on the right is a size 22, yes 22, and is also in an ...

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Beware the iPad!
A few weeks ago a customer returned a high quality watch because it was running very fast but when it reached me it was keeping time within a few seconds a day, after a prolonged test I sent it back. It then came back again with the same problem. This time ...

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An interesting watch case
This high end size 16 Waltham has an interesting watch case by the Philadelphia Watch Case Co. The main body is either filled or rolled gold, the bezel and back are in American "Sterling" silver with the back inlayed with yellow, green and rose gold. Click ...

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Waltham 1908-640
This is one of a series of posts illustrating the main grades of Waltham size 16 watches, primarily the 1899 & 1908 models.     The 1908-640 grade is rare; only 5,000 were made all were open faced, 4,000 were lever set
and 1,000 pendant set of which the wa...

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October & November Market Updates:
The first paragraph was published on the web site on October 19th and is repeated here for background: Following some months with very limited availability of high quality English watches I have managed to find a few really nice ones in the last few weeks b...

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A Family affair: Two pieces by Harrison
The Harrison family (not alas probably not those of the Longitude prize fame) appear to have been in the clock and watch business for close to two hundred years from the early 17 hundreds until at least the late 1800's, they moved about the North East betwe...

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An early Ehrhardt crown set watch based on a Waltham idea.
The watch is by William Ehrhardt for "The London Manufacturing Goldsmiths Co Ltd of
Nottingham" and signed by them and dated from the hallmarks to 1895. It is an early (for an English Watch) crown negative, pull to set,
movement when most English keyless ...
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