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Just to make the point here... there still are protesters demanding to see the taxes of #PresidentTrump  

Slight problem: The #CorruptIRS  already broke a number of laws deliberately repressing Conservative Aligned Groups. We already know that Lois Lerner has been found guilty of breaking those laws by Congress itself. We know that the DOJ refused to press charges on direct order of the Obama Administration. We know that the instructions to deliberately repress opponents to the Obama Administration through the IRS came FROM within the Obama Administration.

Am I really supposed to believe that the IRS; which already broke a number of standing laws; would not have broken even more laws to harm #DonaldTrump ? Am I really supposed to believe that at no point the IRS working on it's own initiative or the Obama Administration did not illegally access the #TrumpTaxes ? Am I really supposed to believe that an Administration which went so far as to conduct an on-tarmac meeting between the husband of a person under federal investigation and the head of the DOJ itself; did not at any point arrange for the Trump Taxes to be leaked or shared?

With the number of known criminal actions taken by the Obama Administration; with the number of known criminal actions taken by IRS employees; that becomes a very hard sell.

If there was anything in the Trump Taxes... anything at all... the Obama Administration would have made sure the information got leaked...

Beyond that; given the number of security breaches by foreign governments into the computer systems of the US Government; I'm expected to believe that no hostile government made no attempt to garner those tax records for their own purposes of leverage? Am I to really believe that every single foreign government who could have tried such an action did not try? Am I really expected to believe that the taxes of Donald J Trump were under such tight security under the Obama Administration that those records were not obtained by anybody?



The simple answer to whether or not there is anything incriminating or damaging in the Trump Taxes is this: There isn't.

There would be too much value for too many players involved who had the motive, opportunity, and method to gain access to those records... for those records to not have leaked.

By far; the more likely scenario is that President Trump paid his taxes within the constraints and loopholes of the current tax system. The far more likely scenario is that President Trump hired the best accountants he could find who worked the legal system to the best of their abilities...

All those tax records would likely prove is that President Trump is really good at hiring the best people for a job; a narrative that in no way fits the narrative of a Propaganda obsessed media.


The #ObamaAdministration 's  #IntelligenceSources  are certain that Russia interfered with the US Election. These claims of certainty on interference comes despite those same Intelligence Sources testifying before Congress under Oath that that there was no evidence that Russia, in the capacity of a National State Actor, interfered in the US Election by hacking into the email accounts of DNC Operatives; much less quote/unquote "hacking" voting machines or changing the tallies of popular state votes.

Slight problem with the claims: #NetworkAdministrators  familiar with things like #IPaddresses  and #HeaderFiles  for emails; as well as little things like #ServerLogs ; say the Intelligence Community is full of something resembling cow manure. There's no observable evidence from the Podesta account emails to suggest any Russian Involvement in the successful Spearfishing Attack that Breached the Account. The Source IP Addresses, the Header Files that listed those addresses, and the contained IP addresses of the links inside the spearfishing attack that resulted in a third party gaining access to the Podesta account are known. None of the meta-data from the spearfishing attack implicates, indicates, or even remotely suggests the involvement of Russia as a State Actor; nor is any such implication made of Russian Attached Assets.

So if no such implication, indication, evidence, exists; Why Does the Obama Administration Keep insisting that Russia Did Something

The key factor is that the US is, in fact, in possession of Intelligence that Russia, as a State Actor, did breach the Private Clinton Email Server. It is heavily assumed that the loss of Uranium Mining Rights to Russia by Hillary Clinton was a direct result of Russia leveraging information garnered from that Clinton Email Server. There is evidence to suggest that access to that Clinton Email Server was also directly responsible for any number of other curbstomps heaved upon the US State Department while it was run by Hillary Clinton. Observable external behavior of foreign nations suggest strongly that there was an inside scoop on anything the Clinton State department was doing; access that continued even after John Kerry took over the State Department.

The Obama Administration is now placed in the very real position that the entire contents of the Clinton Email Server are quite likely in the hands of Putin's Russian Government, if not the hands of other governments around the world. It is very likely that a competent State Department could arrange for an interest-aligned country like Russia to remand the contents of the Clinton Email Server into the hands of incoming Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

That Private Email Server and it's contents are a key factor in the Allies of the Obama Administration working to push the story that Russia Interfered in Something.

Let me put it this way: the #FastandFurious  weapon trafficking scandal and the #Benghazi  scandal are both murder investigations. The Clinton Email Server is analogous to the weapon in a murder investigation. The Clinton Email's themselves are analogous to the bullets in a murder investigation. The IP Addresses, header files, and server logs would be the ballistics in a murder investigation.

It is very likely that the weapon, the bullets, the ballistics are only weeks away from being delivered into the waiting hands of competent investigators working for the Department of Justice. The exact, unredacted, non-deleted, and accurate contents of the Clinton Email server could likely send not just Hillary Clinton, but her Husband Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Harry Reid, and Chuck Schumer to jail for the rest of their natural lives; as well as many other DNC Operatives and non DNC Operatives under the employ of the Obama Administration.

Therefor the Obama Administration is trying to play a quite dangerous long-term confidence scam on the US Public. If the Obama Administration is successful in implanting the idea into the public's casual thought that Russia interfered with the election by hacking computer system after computer system; then it almost becomes trivial to then suggest that the contents of the Clinton Email Server; as incriminating as those contents could possibly be; have been tampered with.

The deliberate conflation of the successful attacks and breaches on the Private Clinton Email Server to the separate successful attacks and breaches on the Podesta Email Account are part of that confidence scam. Just as there is no evidence that to date that Russia, as a state Actor, was involved in transmitting the contents of the Podesta Email account to Wikileaks; there is no evidence to suggest that Russia, as a State Actor, was involved in transmitting the earlier-breached Private Clinton Email Server Content to Wikileaks. However, the contents of those email attacks are largely now known to the public BECAUSE of Wikileaks. Implicating Russian Involvement in the release helps the Obama Administration add strength to their claim that the contents of the emails have been tampered or altered.

Operatives of the DNC and employees Obama Administration have already made the claims, multiple times, that the Podesta Email Releases were fraudulent or inaccurate in some capacity; while never actually defining the extent of that capacity. A readily available example of this defense in action can be found in an interview of Donna Brazil by Megyn Kelly. When confronted about her involvement in the transmission of debate questions from a news agency to the Clinton Campaign; Donna Brazil made statements to the effect of denying the emails; despite the server logs, ip addresses, and header files leaving absolutely zero doubt she was personally involved in the transmission.

Incidentally; the narrative push on the induced public conciseness pattern that Russia Hacked It All resulted in the story from various news sources that #RussiaHackedTheUSPowerGrid . Malware was indeed found on a single laptop in the possession of a power company employee; that wasn't actually connected to the power grid.

The track record of the The Obama Administration, and by extension the Clinton Campaign and DNC Operatives, attempting to pull off a long-term confidence scam is well documented. There is a framework to be set here. The Obama Administration, the Clinton Campaign, and DNC Operatives or Allies have long operated on the principles of organized warfare. A not unknown tactic practiced by everybody from competing business's to sports teams is to declare that a battle is over before the battle has begun. Ever been to a Football Game? A Basketball game? A Baseball Game? A Hockey Game? How many fans chant derogatory statements about the other team; declaring the fight over; the other team has lost; it's time to pack up and go home? How many advertisements has Microsoft, Apple, Google, Samsung, Sony, Sega, and many others run over the years declaring a competitors product dead on arrival? Sega Blast Processing! Nintendon't! Microsoft Get The Facts!

Is any of this ringing any bells? Is the point being made clear?

Simply repeating a statement over and over does not make that statement true.

How many times have American Citizens heard that Eric Holder is not incompetent and should keep his license to practice law? How many times have people been told that Loretta Lynch did nothing wrong? How many times were American's told that Lois Lerner didn't do anything wrong? How many times were Americans told that Fast And Furious was not a scandal? How many times were American's told that Benghazi was the result of a Youtube video and not Jihad? How many times were American's told they could keep their doctor? How many times were American's told that Obamacare wasn't a complete and utter abject failure? How many times were American's told that Hillary hadn't committed any crimes? How many times have American's been told that Bill Clinton is not a predatory serial rapist?

How Many Times Were Americans Told That Trump Could Not Win And The Fight Was Over There Was No Need To Go Vote

Just because something is repeated over and over and over DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE!

Eric Holder should have been disbarred at the same time he was held in contempt of Congress. Loretta Lynch displayed outright corruption cutting a deal with Bill Clinton to keep his wife out of Jail. Lois Lerner got busted before Congress. Both Benghazi and the Fast and Furious Operation resulted in American Citizens dying because of the Obama Administration's incompetence; or negligence; or flat refusal to call Jihad for what it is.

Obamacare is a complete and total abject failure; and every single "Promise" made by Obama turned out to be a flat lie. One of the chief architects was caught on camera admitting that Obamacare used #TorturedLanguage .

Hillary is a #ConfessedCrimina  in her own words. Her Husband? Well, he's got a long list of women who have made police statements and attempted to file charges.


Is the pattern obvious? Can I make it even more clear? The Obama Administration and it's cronies has done nothing but lie over, and over, and over, and over. Time and time again it has proven to be the most powerful weapon the Liberal Left has; to repeat a lie as though it were not a lie.

Which brings us back to Russia Hacking the US Election. Once again Obama has returned to his playbook; and he's running the only play that's worked. He's told a Lie; he's "Forced" his cronies to support that Lie; and he's going to run with that Lie in the hopes that the Lie Itself can be used to obscure the truth.

In this case; that scary truth could very well be the evidence that puts the Obama Administration; and many of the Intelligence Officials supporting the Obama Administration; in jail for a very, very, very long time.

* * *

Morning clean-up to correct grammar and hopefully clarify the implications and conflations of the separate Podesta and Clinton Email Server breaches.

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#GNiE   ... kind of.

Posted an Amazon wish list for no good reason:

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#MurkyPolitics #LikeHellThisIsMurky #RadicalIslmaicTerrorist #RadicalIslamicTerrorism


This is a video of the Russian Ambassador getting SHOT by an Islamic Terrorist. This is the kind of world Obama and #HillaryClinton want the United States to live in. Where Open Borders let soldiers who fully believe themselves to be in a Holy War to gain the highest levels of access. This Islamic Terrorist was a badge carrying, state certified, police officer.

Just consider that for a second; then think about all of the unvetted "refugees" that the Obama Adminstration is trying to allow inside the borders of the United States. Think about all the unvetted "Refugees" that the EU is allowing to spread across their visaless borders. This was somebody who "Made it through the system" and just look at what damage he caused.

Is there still any real question as to why country after country is condemning globalization and open borders once Citizens realize liberal elites are placing the very lives of those citizens at risk? 


My Take on #JohnBolton for #DSOS of the #UnitedStates :: I highly disagree with #RandPaul +Rand Paul  on appointing Ambassador Bolton to the Deputy Secretary of State position. Many of the elected US Legislature might not consider the US to be in an Ongoing #War in the Middle East or against a (major) Religion.

However; #ISIS / #ISIL ARE #AtWarWithTheUS :: They have commenced #Jihad against not just America, but other nations such as France. #JohnBolton understands that the US is, in fact, on a #WarTimeFooting and is, in fact, embroiled in a #War that does aggressively threaten lives worldwide.

Rand Paul needs to cram it. Right now America needs somebody high in the state department, and #JohnBolton is such a person, who is willing and capable of recognizing the existential threat #RadicalIslam poses; and prepared to deal with that threat.

Not sure if known bug or not...

but on the most recent nightly when trying to install via the desktop; the installer crashed out with a python error when it tried to install to the Master Boot Record.

I then tried with the Debian Installer from the boot options. Which seems to have processed fine... but didn't actually ask for a user-name or password during the installation process. So now I'm stuck at a login screen with no idea what the default login account information would have been.

I had downloaded another nightly on 10/30; and the Debian Installer lacks the login creation step there as well. So I'm not sure how far back that particular issue goes.

A quick trip to the wiki and I don't see any clearly printed information on what the system default username and password might have been set as.


Where to start? One would think that the successful victory of Donald Trump in winning the US Presidential Election would be enough to break the depression of being diagnosed with a treatable, but currently non-curable and non-reversible, disease that leads to blindness. I've sat in front of my keyboard... staring at the screen... and find myself with nothing to type.

I feel though I should say something on Rep. Mike Pompeo being selected to head up the CIA under the Trump Administration. Over the years of posting here on G+ I've taken multiple shots at the bulk meta-data collection such as PRISM that arose under the Obama Administration. I feel that Government has no real need to perform bulk meta-data collection as a general rule.

Rep. Pompeo supports the collection of bulk meta-data from phone-based communications. For all of his other qualifications; of which there is a significant argument to be made that he's the perfect candidate to reign the CIA back in after the #OpenCorruption  of Obama; I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that support for bulk meta-data collection.

I can very well understand the argument that the Trump Administration will make in regards to the CIA enacting a bulk meta-data collection program. The US is, in fact, at war with Radical Islamic Militants. The US, in fact, has a severe problem with a number of already settled and transferred refugees who may be Radical Islamic Terrorists ready to operate within the US.

Re-enabling existing bulk meta-data collection programs may be the only way to successfully identify and target potential Radical Islamic Terrorists who have very likely passed into the US posing as refugees; should they be using landline or cellular phone services. As I understand the potential intelligence value bulk meta-data collection could potentially offer; I understand the possible need for such a measure in a war-time environment.

I also see the other side of the argument. The NSA and AT&T badly abused the public trust by operating a secret bulk meta-data collection system. The sheer scope of the operation resulted in large numbers of American Citizens falling prey to invasions of their privacy.

So far the Trump Administration has been the transparent administration that voters thought they were getting 8 years ago; with regular Twitter updates and even a dedicated .gov site for the transition team in effect. I think... if as the Director of the CIA... were Rep. Pompeo to push for the reinstatement of various bulk meta-data collection systems there should be an open conversation set on the collection of such data. American Citizens should have some idea of who will have access to the data; what the data could be used for; how the data will be destroyed; and perhaps even what conditions might result in their own call possibly being scraped for meta-data.


In the list of #WorldHasTurnedUpsideDow  comes a post from #PiersMorgan  on +Daily Mail. The Same Piers Morgan that I've taken shots at here on this feed for his extreme #AntiWeapon  and liberal-leftist compatible ideologies. The same Piers Morgan that I once advocated be #Deported .

Mr. Morgan seems to have found some semblance of Journalist Ethics with a scorching editorial over the behavior of higher-profile DNC Backers:

Yes. I just linked to an editorial by Piers Morgan. The world has officially turned upside down.

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I'm still digging through some of the quoted numbers for states that were not called by Wednesday morning. As best as I can tell; they appear to be accurate.

Trump will not only have won the electoral vote; with up to potentially 304 electoral votes; he will have also won the popular vote as well.

As a side note: the popular vote itself is rarely ever tallied to 100% accuracy. Various states appear to have different rules on how absentee votes are counted; with some guidelines ignoring absentee votes unless the absentee votes are with a certain percentage of the voters registered for a specific prescient versus the election results. E.G. if the margin between Winner and Looser is 500 votes and there are 501 absentee votes outstanding; then the absentee votes would be counted as they could change the outcome. If the margin between the winner and looser was 500 votes and there were 499 absentee ballots, then absentee ballots may not be counted as they wouldn't change the result. That's just how I read some of the guidelines for counting votes in some states; I could very well be wrong in that interpretation.

Other factors influencing the final tall of the popular vote fall under the voter fraud schema. We know from the #ProjectVeritas  videos that the DNC and Clinton campaign operatives were working hand in hand with a number of people to commit voter fraud. There is evidence already on record demonstrating the DNC did successfully manage to have a number of people vote across state lines and vote multiple times in the same state. There also is evidence that once again the #DeadGotToVote ; and #LameDuckObama  outright encouraged illegal immigrants who cannot vote... to vote.

The extent of the DNC voter fraud accomplished in the 2016 elections may never be fully determined; but the fraud does prevent an accurate tally of the popular vote.

The key critical point to be taken away though can be seen in the map image headlining the link. Currently most states, if not all, award the entirety of the electoral college vote to whoever wins the state's popular vote election. As shown; there were a significant number of states that were, in terms of county division and by land, dominated by voters supporting the Republican Candidate. However; because of just one, two, three, or four high-population counties; the electoral college vote went to the other candidate.

This is exactly why the US has the Electoral College. The Founding Fathers had dealt with the English Monarchy during the Colonial times. England at the time had a number of government officials who reigned from within high metropolitan populations; disconnected from the issues and concerns of the people who actually worked for a living. The Electoral College was put into place explicitly to make sure that the Presidential Election was determined by something greater than the population itself; so called #MobRule ; and that something was the value of the land itself.

The Electoral College could be improved with a the inclusion of a district system that spread votes out over specific districts; rather than just wholesale handing over the entire vote based on population. However; as the map image demonstrates... if this were to happen... at least one current political party would never hold a national office again.

#MurkyPolitics   #LikeHellThisIsMurky  

The #AP  and other news outlets are now calling, at 2:40 AM EST, #TrumpWins .

The next #POTUS  will be #DonaldTrump  
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