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Tips for Enjoying Coaching and Minimizing Unwanted Parental Involvement
Several weeks ago I was listening to WFAN's wonderful program on youth and high school sports, hosted by Rick Wolff on Sunday's at 8am. The topic for the day was the emerging problem with finding and retaining high school varsity coaches. A great deal of th...

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The Unintended Consequences of Governor Christie's Funding Reform
Governor Christie's plan to equalize state funding in education will have an enormous impact on funding in our urban schools. The plan is clearly appealing to suburban taxpayers (and voters), and illustrates the anemic strength of urban areas in the politic...

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Rule Changes on Physical Contact, Referee Interpretation, and Their Impact on Coaching
I have just completed my first season back in coaching after a year's hiatus, and I was stunned by the dramatic changes that have occurred in lacrosse in just this past season. Part of the changes are a matter of placing a "new emphasis" on certain rules, w...

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College for Everyone?
In the last few days I have viewed or read at least 4 stories considering the high cost of a college education. Since 1990 the cost of a 4 year education has apparently risen almost 1200%, and there seems to be considerable debate on the causes for this inc...

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Travel Teams on Path To Ruin Community Sports Programs
There has always existed a somewhat tenuous relationship between travel teams and community based athletic programs. In sports like soccer and baseball these travel programs have already begun recruiting players and extending their seasons to run concurrent...

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Time to Revisit Roe v Wade
Women's Rights issues will always be at the forefront of public policy debate in the U.S. In the State of the Union Address President Obama once again raised the issue of "equal pay for equal work" among the items on his desk for 2015. The issue of pay equi...

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Evaluating Travel Programs
I remember learning about my first travel program, Tri-State Lacrosse, run by Hall of Fame Coach Bob Turco. Bob is a wonderful coach; I had the pleasure of competing. against him on many occasions while at West Windsor-Plainsboro South and North. But Bob al...

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An Opportunity for Stakeholders to Support Trenton's Kids
One of the ideas I recently suggested to the Trenton Mayor Eric Jackson was the creation of a "resource bank," funded through donations by stakeholders in the region, to help support inner city parents that want to support their aspiring kids but lack the m...

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Ideas For The New Trenton Mayor
weeks ago Mayor Eric Jackson and Superintendent Francisco (?)Duran made a joint
appearance designed to highlight their shared objective of improving the
performance of Trenton’ schools and its students, most of whom have spent years
slogging through...
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