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Celebrate ‪#‎NationalSiblingsDay‬ by reading our sister blog - Meghan wrote about how working with college athletes makes her feel old!

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So Long, Cambodia
Domesticated gibbon who can't be released back into the wild at Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, posing for a shot After my light-speed tour of Vietnam, I was lucky to return
to the comfortable environment of the Goldie Guesthouse in the BKK1

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Mekong Delta Tour
It was a bit of a relief for me to leave HCMC to start my
Mekong Delta tour, because it meant my fast-paced and exhausting tour of
Vietnam was almost over. As much as I enjoy exploring and traveling at my own
pace and doing what I want to do, joining a tour...

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Traveling Solo
On my first ever solo travel adventure - to Etosha National Park and Sossuvlei, Namibia It was a comfort to be back in familiar surroundings in the
ex-pat haven area of BKK1 in Phnom Penh for one last week of work before
returning home to the US, but my whi...

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Being a Tourist with Rhinovirus in Ho Chi Minh City
This post is brought to you by Vietnamese Iced Coffee - without whom I would not have had the caffeine-buzzed energy needed to force myself to continue my journey! Still in the throes of a cold, I arrived in Saigon at 5:20am
after the overnight train ride f...

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24 Hours in Hoi An, Vietnam
Lantern shop in the Hoi An night market With only a total of 9 days to spend seeing an entire
country over 1000 miles in length, I had to make compromises on where to stay,
what to do, and what to see. I had initially thought about just sticking to
Hanoi an...

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Vietnam Vacation, part the first: Hanoi
Gig'em, Hanoi - on a cyclo in the Old Quarter Ah, Hanoi. I will say, from the beginning, that I am NOT a
big city person. I love to visit cities, but only with the knowledge that I am
spending a short/set amount of time there and will be able to escape soon...

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I love Kep, Cambodia!
This was probably my favorite activity in all of Cambodia. I
would go back in a heartbeat to any of the places I’ve had the privilege to
visit, but the landscape, accomadations, food, and service all just added up to
an incredible experience. View from my p...
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