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Eve Youngberg
I am a proud and happy wife and mother of two miracles.
I am a proud and happy wife and mother of two miracles.

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Toddler Girl Cardigan
I got frustrated yesterday morning when I realized that my baby girl is growing! I went to put on my favorite white little cardigan on her, but it was almost too small. She was too little still for the 2T cardigans and sweaters I have waiting for her, so I ...

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Upcycle #4 - Shirt to toddler dress
I might be getting better at this upcycling thing! This project only took me two hours. I started with a womens size 4, 100% cotton, peasant blouse. Cost at thrift store: $3. First, I cut off the sleeves: Next I cut the front and the back of the shirt apart...

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Upcycle #3
Today, I made the mistake of going to the thrift store AGAIN. I found a few great deals and this was one of them. I really want to have some "house" dresses for my my little girl to romp around in at the house and this tank top looked the part. I want to sa...

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Up-cycling projects
I've been doing some up-cycling this past week and a half. Mostly due to the crazy thrift store run I made last week. I feel I need to finish some of these before I go crazy again at some other thrift store. Anyway, here's a couple I finished this past week...

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Quinoa patties with spinach and cheese
Hola!     So, I’m not the best at posting the greatest blogs (I’m not a writer), but I
can cook J That’s a plus. Anyway, I do my best to give
my kids the necessary nutrients for their little bodies to be healthy and to
hopefully grow taller than me someday....
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