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happy reading and please remember to hit share xo lee
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Using anti-aging products as a 20 something seems like your obsessed with youth but are you on to something that is actually slowing the age process down?
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Good read, I didn't really get into proper skincare until my 30's. Like you I can thank genetics. Proper skincare is a must to healthy skin. 
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Happy reading please share this post
Choosing beauty products that work on your complexion and its characteristics is not easy, However these products are perfect for my olive complexion.
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How hard can it be to wash your face? Not hard at all but it can be done improperly without even knowing. Here is an easy routine to happy skin!
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Stephanie Lee

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The LOC Method has become a must for naturals everywhere, does this method really keep your hair moisturized? If so why does it work?
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Happy reading!! knowing your skin type can help in picking out that perfect facial cleanser that can help you with all your skin's woes....Enjoy this post and share this post xo Lee
Using the right facial cleanser can help treat our biggest skin concerns, knowing our skin type can help.What's your skin type? Are you cleansing correctly?
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Happy reading Please enjoy this post and share it xo
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+giovanni epiphane Zitte thank you!
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Stephanie Lee

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happy reading please re-share this post xo Lee
Using a face primer is an extra step in your makeup routine, but is it one worth doing?
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Stephanie Lee

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Happy Reading want to create flirty hairstyles in just 10 Mins well check out these styles! (PLEASE REPOST BY HITTING SHARE!)
3 stylish yet easy hairstyles to create on natural hair, or any hair texture for a romantic date or just because you're fabulous.
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Shed that winter skin and reveal beautiful glowing youthful skin with exfoliating find out which is best for you! xo Lee (please pass this post on by hitting share)
There are many benefits to exfoliating more than just your face, our skin can break out, mature stretch and dry out on our whole body.
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Stephanie Lee

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Small eyes, tired sleepy eyes? Learn the power of illusions with these 4 steps to Bigger-Brighter eyes.
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Happy reading and please remember to hit Share! xo Lee
So you have blemish prone skin, that doesn't mean go barefaced or else! Choosing the right base can make all the difference, find your best foundation here.
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