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#Throwback Jaman SD
          Sepertinya, masa SD adalah masa ter-Idiw dalam hidup gua. Masa dimana gua dekil, buruk rupa, kumel dan idiot. Masa dimana gua menggunakan bahasa alien saat SMS-an. Masa dimana gua ber-Alay ria di facebook.           2 Mei 2014. Pas gua lagi ngobro...

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Hell-o. Whats up
Hell-oooooo~ Welcome April yeay~~ How are you? How are you? How are you? im fine. wonderful yeay! APRILLLL~ YEAY FINALLY APRIL. WAIT. WHY IM SO EXCITED? HUH. I SERIOUSLY DONT KNOW WHY IM EXCITED-_- Kayaknya sih cuman ada satu alasan napa gua 'excited'. seka...

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ELF . . Where are you ?
06 JANUARI 2014. Berita duka itu datang. Park Jung Soo kita kehilangan ketiga anggota keluarganya yang terkasih. Ayah, Kakek, dan Neneknya telah pergi untuk selamanya. Bukankah ini sangat menyakitkan? Mereka pergi begitu cepat. Tanpa memberi tanda atau sala...

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Stay Strong Park Jung Soo♥
I just woke up from nap and saw the news... Leeteuk's Father and Granparents are passed away ... why must this happen to him... i really can't believe this so much .. i don't want to see our leader crying again :'< and then someone tweeted this pic . . OMG ...

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49 Days | My fav korean drama
did you already watch 49 days? omg. I FCKN love this drama so much;_; i know i watch it a bit late. i know. arghhh. i still can't forget the feeling when i watch that;_; the story was so touched .. make me want to cry all the time .. and uh oh, scheduler -i...

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My Holiday Trip!^^
Yo!! Happy New year! okay. i know i'm late kkk So yeap i'm back, and bring my holiday trip story .. you know, in holiday we used to be happy rite? but .. but... i don't know why this holiday .. i'm not so happy .. i was like boring and want to go back to ho...
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