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Navigate the pitfalls of choosing the right #language #interpreter with our Language Tip Sheets

Download each of the five Language information sheets from the InterpreterLine Blog.
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Don't waste your time and resources requesting the wrong #language. Our Language Tip Sheets make your #translation   and #interpreting decisions easier.

InterpreterLine is the telephone and video interpreting specialist service of All Graduates.

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We'll be celebrating the diversity of our workplace at next weekend's AFL #multiculturalround .

"Our workplace is uniquely multicultural - how many other companies in Australia can say that their employees speak more than 100 languages and dialects between them." says InterpreterLine's CEO, Ismail Akinci

+AFL #100+ #languages #accredited #interpreters #translators

InterpreterLine is the #telephoneinterpreting and video interpreting services division of All Graduates Interpreting and Translating Services.
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[WATCH] the Shepparton-based RMIT University Interpreting class connect by video to their lecturer at the Melbourne campus

All Graduates and its specialist video interpreting service, InterpreterLine is proud to support an Australian-first initiative - the training of regionally-located interpreters at Melbourne’s RMIT University by video.

InterpreterLine is the telephone and video interpreting specialist division of All Graduates Interpreting and Translation Services.

It is the leading provider of telephone and video interpreting services to some of Australia's largest corporations and government departments and agencies.

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Since the first semester of 2013, RMIT University has delivered interpreting classes by video conference students based in Shepparton.

For the first time in Australia, interpreting students at Melbourne's RMIT University can attend lectures by video conference.

Prior to this year, students would have had to travel to Melbourne for these classes. Video conferencing is proving to be the valuable link to obtaining students' qualifications.

Students also experience the benefit of becoming more comfortable with the increasingly used communication tool of interpreting by video conference.

Watch Sedat Mulayim (Discipline Head, Interpreting and Translating department, RMIT University) discuss why connecting regional students is critical to culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

#rmituniversity #languages #videoconference #interpreting #interpreters #students   #Shepparton #Melbourne  
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Victoria’s Office for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship provide annual scholarships for interpreting students of RMIT University.

On 23 April 2013, The Honourable Nicholas Kotsiras MP, the Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship Minister, Energy and Resources presented recipients of the Interpreting Scholarship in a ceremony held at Parliament House.

The following languages were included in the Interpreter Scholarship Program in 2013:

Kurdish (Feyli)

The event was attended by several of our interpreters, Ismail Akinci, All Graduates’ CEO, Angelique Smit, Recruitment and Customer Service Manager and RMIT University’s Discipline Head, Interpreting and Translating, Sedat Mulayim.

Read about the partnership between All Graduates Interpreting and Translating Services and RMIT University Interpreting and Translating department at:

#interpreters #interpreting #AllGraduatesInterpreting #AllGraduatesInterpreters #multicultural #melbourne  
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Clients benefit from our work-ready Interpreters and Translators
When you need an interpreter or a translator to ensure effective communication, where do you go?  Whether your specific needs include business, medical or personal matters, contacting a reputable service is of paramount importance.
One of the reasons our clients have told us they use our services is they know that they will get only highly qualified professionals for the job.  How did we gain this reputation? 
One of the main reasons is our long-standing relationship with RMIT, Australia’s largest university and leading provider of interpreting and translating studies. For more than 20 years our parent company, All Graduates Interpreting and Translating Services, has worked in conjunction with RMIT to develop and deliver the most comprehensive training programs to ensure that all students graduate as highly prepared for their new careers as possible.
The success of that program has delivered to the Australian corporate, not-for-profit and government sectors some of the most work-ready interpreters and translators in the industry.  Now that relationship is strengthened even more as they take the next step in the field of interpreting and translation services.  By creating a formal partnership with All Graduates and the telephone interpreting specialist division, InterpreterLine, students now have access to even more enhanced programs that include classwork to regional students by video and video conferencing as a mode of interpreting delivery.
Students in the RMIT University program gain the benefits of attending lectures and workshops designed to give them a better understanding of what awaits them in their new careers.  This all-important exposure to experienced and practicing industry professionals will help them gain valuable insight into the industry so that when they graduate they are in fact, truly work-ready.
The dedication and commitment to creating innovative educational programs and implementing the latest video conference technology will provide all clients with highly specialised interpreters and translators.
#interpreting #videoconferencing #videoconference #RMITUniversity #students  
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Today, we're congratulating our preferred education partner, +RMIT University  on their delivery of classes by video to #interpreting students - an Australian first for our industry.


Read about the partnership our #Interpreting and #Translating Services business, All Graduates, has with +RMIT University , on our website - click on the link below.

InterpreterLine is the #telephone and #videointerpreting specialist division of All Graduates.
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Today, over on our Twitter account, we're talking about the gaps in the recruitment process of an overseas-based interpreting agency that is contracted to provide services for the UK Justice department.

We've posted the article to highlight that a seemingly straightforward task of recruiting the right people for the right job can be fraught with problems.

The article details that the recruitment process of the agency has allowed the registration of a pet dog and the request for interview of someone's cat.

"#recruitment of #interpreters was so chaotic that a pet dog was added to the company's register.."

Furthermore the article goes on to describe the ongoing effects that the awarding of this contract to inexperienced and "ill-prepared" company

Read the full article:

As the telephone and video interpreting division of All Graduates Interpreting and Translating Services, InterpreterLine conducts one-on-one interviews with each and every new interpreter applicant.

Clients and Interpreters have confidence in the professionalism of our agency's extensive application process. The recruitment checklist includes applying with:

National Criminal History Checks
In languages where accreditation is possible, NAATI certification is required
Photo ID
Detailed application forms
All official documents to be witnessed in person by our staff or signed by a Justice of The Peace

We invite you to follow us at for updates on Australia's only telephone and video interpreting specialists and the global and local language services sectors.
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