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Summertime Flowers- The Bouqs Review and Promo Code
there. Yes, I am alive and doing well. Pregnancy seems to be just sucking up my
energy, thus the lack of blogging lately. But, it is so worth it. I am now in
my 21 st week, and things are just going wonderfully, especially now that we are having good wea...

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Exciting Tickled Pink News
I have to stop by and update
everyone on where I have been these past couple months. Well … . Exciting news is that we  are expecting!!  I have always heard that the first trimester was exhausting, and I
had no idea until now. Let’s just say that being real...

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"Sock-Up for Spring" Men's Sockwork Review and Promo Code
I really am excited to share Sockwork subscription again on my blog. This new subscription is quickly becoming one of my favorite subscriptions. The great people behind Sockwork graciously offered to send me the men’s subscription box to review here on my b...

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April Lip Factory "Welcome Spring" Box Review
Wow, April just flown by! It
seems as I get older time just goes by faster and faster. There is no keeping up.
Speaking of time, there is no time to waste when sharing the awesome Lip
Factory subscription. As you may have read before, Lip Factory is by far ...

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"Socks with a Purpose" - New Subscription Sockwork Review and Promo Code
Doesn’t it feel
like you are always in the need for socks? Or you only have one of the socks
from the pair? Well, that is my dilemma on most days, when it comes to
socks.  My fiance’ says that if he could
he would wear a new pair of socks everyday. Wouldn’t...

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New Subscription- Sudsy Box Review
Hi there again. Well after my
long break from blogging, I am back! Yay! I have some exciting news that I will
share later, but it has been keeping me away from blogging. However, I have
some fun new subscriptions to share with you in the upcoming days ys, a...

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Fancy Mystery Box has just got Fancier
I am sure everyone has heard about the new Fancy Mystery Box.
Well, if you haven't well you should check out this new selection option for
the Fancy Mystery Box that was just released.   Here are new options for this fun Fancy Mystery Box:   Small Mystery B...

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Out with the old, In with the new- Toothbrush Subscriptions Review
I do not know if you are like
me, but I forget  when the last time was that I replaced my toothbrush.  I know you are supposed to replace your
toothbrush here and there, but I am not sure how many months, and when I replaced it last.  Or I just think to mys...

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Fab Kids Malibu Dreams Collection Selection Review
I was so excited to see all
the cute clothing in the latest collection, Malibu Dreams, from Fab Kids. And
when Fab Kids graciously offered to send me an outfit to review on the blog, I
was even more excited. I could hardly wait to see the outfit pick we mad...

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Fancy Mystery Box - What will you get?
I was just browsing online and saw that Fancy has a new Fancy
Mystery Box for sale for $10.   What is Fancy? “Fancy is the place to discover, collect and buy from a
crowd-curated catalog of amazing goods, wonderful places and great stores. Part
store, magaz...
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