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RT +Haley Cohen : Last day with Ty the wonder dog in #NewhouseSM4 +William Ward

Do you think #vine will fizzle or morph into something else? #NewhouseSM4 

Everyone should check their own analytics to see your reach and how far your shares go! #NewhouseSM4 #analytics +William Ward 

Looking back at the great real time marketing and ads from the Super Bowl. #Oreo #NewhouseSM4 

Looking at our first few days of the semester. Learning how to use #vine for the first time... now we use it all the time. #NewhouseSM4

Last #NewhouseSM4 class... going down memory lane with pics and videos. #blastfromthepast +William Ward 

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Crowdsourcing- a closer look. Who, what, when and why. #NewhouseSM4 +Social Media Today 

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How to use Pinterest to build Blogger relationships: #NewhouseSM4 +Social Media Today 

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What will be Vine's strategy to spread? #NewhouseSM4 +Social Media Today 

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