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This is just one of the things we will be posting from this page. The team is working on some interesting curations on different topics. Yes, I have started with the less known people on Google+ and I want to find the best less known things first. I'll move on slowly to more popular people too, however, I think this is a good place to start.

For this post, I've looked through hundreds of people and thousands of posts. I used +CircleCount by +Daniel Sandstain ( to find great people & pages under 1000 followers and by +Jari Huomo to find their best posts. I have found about 30 interesting posts for the under 1000 followers category. This is the first part, having 15 of them. Hope you'll enjoy them!

1. A series of brilliant logo designs for your inspiration - by ++Interactive

2. What makes someone leave a website? - by ++Interactive

3. Adobe Photoshop Cook - by ++Interactive

4. Tips for Google Plus - For all my new friends - by +Damon Meredith

5. Suppose the real oil painting by Alexa - by

6. 15 Social Media Performance Influence Measurement Tools - by +Ber|Art Visual Design V.O.F.

7. Facebook Social Games [infographic] - by +Ber|Art Visual Design V.O.F.

8. 15 amazing photos of street art in 3d - by +Alessio Moretto

9. Notepad++ Business Card - by +Notepad++

10. American Football Trolling [Gif] - by +Funny Imágenes

11. Google+ Demographics Report - 90 million users broken down, sliced and diced - by +PlusDemographics

12. Photo Tip # 1 [German] - by +Ingo's photo tips in German

13. iPad in bed over head - by +Pictures & Funny

14. Photo Tip # 2 [German] - by +Ingo's photo tips in German

15. Photo Tip # 3 [German] - by +Ingo's photo tips in German

BONUS: One of the few posts out there with more than 10000 shares:
A Cow based Economics Lesson - by +Sam Aminisam

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Wouldn't it be nice if +Google+ let me change the channel of the "Hot on Google+" script to this or anything of my choosing
May I suggest using #bestofgplus tag as an alternative to opening my bloody email
Not to be rude: but if you want Best of Google+ (unOfficial) to become popular it isn't wise to incluse 3 articles in German (although I speak German myself). English is the Lingua Franca here on Google+
Google translate is useful, but not perfect. I've also under 1000 followers, but I don't post great content (yet) :-)
Good luck with your project!
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