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Rose Trellis
Grand Champion, Mornington Crescent
Grand Champion, Mornington Crescent

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Does anyone else get Christmas visits from the RSPCA? Lovely people, but they never stay for sandwiches.

Dear Mr Townsend,

That +Paul Ilechko has quite musical mind, doesn't he? I thought it would be all over when he clashed with his friends, but no, they passed on by as if nothing happened.

Sut mae?

Mrs Trellis, North Wales

Dear Mr Sainsbury,

I've recently overheard from a vegetarian acquaintance of mine that anise-infused dark chocolate makes a good source of salmon, but your witless staff was unable to find even a simple cod-infused chocolate in your barren cupboards.

Disappointed but not surprised,

Mrs Trellis

Dear Mr Griffiths,
Your record's stuck, again. Kindly give it a bump.

Mrs Rose Trellis
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