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Don't rent inflatable dancing advertising AirDancers, when it's actually cheaper to buy them!  Read the most recent blog post, that shows the overwhelming benefits of buying instead of renting.

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Opening a new store whether you are a small business or a large one can be a stressful time. There are so many details that need to be taken care in the crunch time leading up to the grand opening. Advertising for your new store and creating awareness for the open date will play a critical role in the success of your grand opening. Believe it or not, informing the people and community of new business is often forgotten until the last minute. It is important to give yourself enough lead-time to have the proper advertising products in place for the grand opening. Grand Opening AirDancer® & Blower Set is the perfect solution to promoting your store’s grand opening. In stock and ready to ship today, the 20ft tall Grand Opening AirDancer® is powered by any standard wall outlet; simply plug it in and let the tube man do the work. The height and unpredictable movement of the AirDancer® creates the desirable attention that people can’t ignore. Made of high strength nylon and with embroidered lettering, the sky puppet will last way beyond the initial grand opening. Keep the AirDancer® up and running during business hours so that anyone driving or walking past your new store or business know you are open. 

The Grand Opening AirDancer® will create the buzz for your new store so you can spend your time growing the business. After the initial opening of your store, keep the advertising going with any of various AirDancers®. Now that you have the blower, all you need is a new dancing tube man. The Now Open AirDancer is perfect to let potential customers of your store. Or choose from flag themed, solid colored or character shaped AirDancers®. All of products are in stock and ready to ship. A grand opening is important for every business, do it right with

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How are auto dealers utilizing these crazy inflatable dancing men? The auto industry was the first to adopt AirDancers® as an extremely effective means to bring customers in the door. When started, the cost of our AirDancer started in the thousands of dollars. Everyone acknowledged they worked, but a few auto dealers were the first to take the leap of faith an purchase. Thanks to's high volume we have been able to bring the cost down significantly to where it makes sense for all industries and the smallest of businesses to be able to take advantage of the most effective outdoor advertising product on the market. The auto industry is the largest business segment utilizing inflatable advertising product. Check out our blog post below to see how new and used car dealers, automotive service, and car wash businesses are taking advantage of AirDancers to help increase sales and bring in new customers. 

New Car Dealer: The new car dealers often line the perimeter of their mega dealerships with several Air Dancers creating a major buzz. Whether their AirDancers® are up at all times, or reserved for special 3-day events, we have seen some of the most impressive setups from new car dealers. several colors, sizes, and designs that allow auto dealers to constantly change the look of their dealership. Utilize different colors like our Blue and Yellow 20ft AirDancers® to match the local high school colors on Friday's for the football game and help connect the community to your business. American Flag and Uncle Sam AirDancers® for the Fourth of July Sale or Pre-Lettered AirDancers® to let everyone know about the Blowout Sale or Hot Summer Sale. Get creative with the dozens of designs on to liven up your dealership and increase sales! 

Used Car Dealer: The used car dealers often don't have as much space to work with, but they don't lack creativity when it comes to marketing. We made so many custom air dancers from their requests that we began carrying the most popular ones in stock. The WE BUY CARS air dancer continues to be a hot sellers as it generates buy back and new car sales. Another one of our most popular auto air dancer is the plain Yellow AirDancer® with Car Shape. Don't forget that many dealerships also offer auto services and letting customers know that you also do WINDOW TINT, AUTO REPAIR, and OIL CHANGE should not be overlooked when considering marketing. Many passer buyers who are not in the market for a new car do not realize that these other services are offered. Your AirDancer can be thanked for those new clients! 

Car Wash: Car wash and auto detailing shops are another one of's largest business segments that have taken advantage of the effectiveness of AirDancers®. Pulling into a car wash is often an 'impulse buy' and you only have seconds to get noticed. AirDancers have proven to capture that new customer in a split second and bring in new business that otherwise would have kept on driving by. has pre-lettered inflatables that say CARWASH and we even have one that incorporates a Car Shaped CARWASH AirDancer®. Stay tuned for other success stories, best practices, creative uses, and many other AirDancer® stories topics on the blog.

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In recent years, the popularity of inflatable Air Dancers being used by large nation wide franchises has increased dramatically. What has caused this and why have national franchise chains fallen in love with AirDancers?

All successful franchises are obsessed with consistency. As a franchise grows, one of their most difficult tasks is to maintain consistency throughout all of their franchise locations. Consistency of their product offering, sales promotions, branding, operating standards, and customer experience are all key.

When franchises go to to request help with promoting a future special, we stress the importance of consistent branding, consistent advertising, and consistency in store participation.

A positive example of how AirDancer® products can be effectively used throughout a region of franchises, is the example of a west coast burger chain with over 2,000 locations that wanted to promote the new change that their drive thru window is now open 24hrs a day. They wanted an innovative way to effectively convey this new message to all of their young customers throughout all of their locations. created an AirDancer product for each of their franchise locations. The AirDancers were all produced exactly the same and designed to incorporate the brands exact brand colors, brand shape, and brand logo. In addition, the message printed onto the Air Dancers was clear and concise. To ensure consistency of the promotion throughout all their locations, the AirDancers were shipped with the following use instructions.

AirDancer Location:

The location in which the AirDancer is to be located is specifically dictated based on common characteristics and features of all locations. The number of feet away from the building, front drive entrance, sidewalk, and front door should all be dictated.

AirDancer Use Times:

The exact hours of operation and duration of use are to be dictated. In addition, internal emails should be sent as reminders to turn on and turn off the Air Dancer products.

AirDancer Maintenance & Cleaning:

Directions on how to store, how to clean, and when to order a new Air Dancer product should be included as well. It’s important that the AirDancer product be kept clean, crisp, and new looking. The high quality of Air Dancer products ensures this, but pictures of acceptable looking (worn) AirDancers and unacceptable (needs to be replaced) AirDancers should be included in the use instructions.

AirDancer Products can be an extremely effective tool in branding and promotion for large franchise chains. AirDancers offer an innovative, fun, and outside of the box way to promote any message to a mass customer base. To ensure the most effective results, it’s important that franchise owners control the consistency of their promotional campaign with the use of simple instructions and internal communications.

Franchises have fallen in love with AirDancers® and it’s no question why, they work. We continue to see the popularity of AirDancers increase within the franchise retail industry and will continue to be the #1 source for innovative, quality, and effective inflatable promotional products.  

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