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Hopeful about Ello
Simple, beautiful & ad-free.
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Adam Olenn

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Adam Olenn

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This is Adam in Boston–how YOU doin?
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Adam Olenn

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Brief interview with Level Best Books!

It would be an honor for you to have a look.
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Adam Olenn

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"I shrugged and closed the notebook.  Sitting there with that closed episode in my hands-closed, petrified, written down and put away and carefully disremembered-I had a fatalistic sense of how delusory are the options that seem to open during the course of a life.  In an instant, the opportunities that open like the eyelids of someone rousing from a coma can close again, and be closed forever.  Even if the eyes stay open, you can look into them and not see a glimmer of what for an instant was revealed.  Close them, weight them with pennies."  -Wallace Stegner, "The Spectator Bird"
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Adam Olenn

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I don't always look like Chuck Wendig without sunglasses...
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Adam Olenn

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Three tips to shine when giving an interview.

I've given three four interviews in the last three four days. While not terribly unusual for me, I found myself out of practice. Being on the other side of the microphone for many years helped me in big way, but there were things I had forgotten. So for those who may not be as quick on their feet (read: bullshitter), here are three things to always have at the ready when you're being interviewed by the media -- big or small.

1. Three influencers. Invariably, there will come a time for you to provide examples of people who are doing it right, whatever it is. Yes, you can easily toss out the industry giants or leaders in the field, but why? Take this time and share some super-smart people you know that other people may not be aware of. That makes you a connector, and not just a reinforcer.

2. Solid anecdotes. The reason you are getting the interview is that you're the expert. You've lived through the cool stories that illustrate your point. But if you think you'll remember the ins-and-outs of those stories on the spot; you're probably wrong. You will forget key details. So like a professional comedian, get your story down. Tell it over and over to yourself, your spouse, your friends. Tell it until they are sick of it. Then when the interviewer gives you a chance, you'll have it down pat.

3. Know your genesis. How did you get to be an expert in your field? If you don't have a thirty-second version of that story, you're doing it wrong. Sure, you should also have a much longer and detailed version of how you came to be, but you really should lead with the concise one.

Keep those things handy -- and fresh -- and you'll have a much better time for your next interview.

What did I miss? Please share your top suggestions in the comments below. And please, pass this to others who may find themselves in the hot seat!_
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Adam Olenn

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Spreading the love: Christian Schlubach Check out Christian Schlubach’s excellent & eerie “Haunted House” on MonkeyBicycle.
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Thanks, Adam!
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Writer, musician, fambly man. I like fun.
Writer, musician, doer of stuff.
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When you bust a flat on a country road and come flapping in to a used car lot, you know you're about to have your wallet raided...unless that lot is Williston Wheels. This past Saturday, I had a dead run-flat starting to tear itself to bits when I pulled into the south branch of Williston Wheels on rt. 7. Chad was cleaning the cars, not even open for business yet, and offered to let me keep the car there overnight. My wife and I debated what to do, and then he said, "You know, I've got a set of studded winter tires on MINI rims, if you want 'em." I asked how much, and he said "I dunno, how about $350?" Deal. Chad could have gouged me. After all, I was truly screwed. But he gave me a much-better-than-fair price, and his business partner John let me pick up the tires, a breaker bar, and a floor jack (without paying) and drive the stuff to Chad, who changed the tires for me AND went and topped them up with air at a gas station. If you're looking for a used car, go talk to these guys. The vehicles looked to be in good shape, and they are seriously fair in their business dealings.
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