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Letter to Investor
Ocean is not a conventional software company. Throughout Ocean's evolution as a privately held company, we have managed Ocean differently. We have also emphasized an atmosphere of creativity and challenge, which has helped us provide unbiased, accurate and free access to information for those who rely on us around the world.
Now the time has come for the company to move to global play ground. This change will bring important benefits for our employees, for our present and future shareholders, for our customers, and most of all for Ocean users. 
After two major acquisitions of companies (Quadrant 2012 & Global Tech 2013) Ocean Software Technologies play an important role in software industry. This acquisition increase idea, manpower, resource & revenue. The acquisition strategy is going continue in years to come.

Our business environment changes rapidly and needs long term investment. We will not hesitate to place major bets on promising new opportunities.
We will not shy away from high-risk, high-reward projects because of short term earnings pressure. Some of our past bets have gone extraordinarily well, and others have not. 
Although we cannot quantify the specific level of risk we will undertake, as the ratio of reward to risk increases, we will accept projects further outside our current businesses, especially when the initial investment is small relative to the level of investment in our current businesses.
We encourage our employees, in addition to their regular projects, to spend 10% of their time working on what they think will most benefit Ocean. This empowers them to be more creative and innovative. Many of our significant advances have happened in this manner.
As we seek to maximize value in the long term, we may have quarter-to-quarter volatility as we realize losses on some new projects and gains on others. We would love to better quantify our level of risk and reward for you going forward, but that is very difficult. Even though we are excited about risky projects, we expect to devote the vast majority of our resources to improvements to our main businesses (currently Website and Banking). Most employees naturally gravitate toward incremental improvements in core areas so this tends to happen naturally.

Our employees, who have named themselves Oceaners, are everything. Ocean is organized around the ability to attract and leverage the talent of exceptional technologists and business people. We have been lucky to recruit many creative, principled and hard working stars. We hope to recruit many more in the future. We will reward and treat them well.
We provide many unusual benefits for our employees, including meals free of charge and doctors. We are careful to consider the long term advantages to the company of these benefits. Expect us to add benefits rather than pare them down over time. We believe it is easy to be penny wise and pound foolish with respect to benefits that can save employees considerable time and improve their health and productivity.
Because of our employee talent, Ocean is doing exciting work in nearly every area of computer science. We are in a very competitive industry where the quality of our product is paramount. Talented people are attracted to Ocean because we empower them to change the world; Ocean has large computational resources and distribution that enables individuals to make a difference. Our main benefit is a workplace with important projects, where employees can contribute and grow. We are focused on providing an environment where talented, hard working people are rewarded for their contributions to Ocean and for making the world a better place.

We aspire to make Ocean an institution that makes the world a better place. In pursuing this goal, we will always be mindful of our responsibilities to our shareholders, employees, customers and business partners. With our products, Ocean connects people and information all around the world. We are adding other powerful services such as ERP, which provides an efficient product to our main clients. By releasing services, such as ERP, we hope to help bridge the digital divide. Website connects users and advertisers efficiently, helping both. Last year we created Ocean responsive web design program in which we created hundreds of website. And now, we are in the process of establishing the Ocean Foundation. We intend to contribute significant resources to the foundation, including employee time and approximately 0.5% of Ocean's equity and profits in some form. We hope someday this institution may eclipse Ocean itself in terms of overall world impact by ambitiously applying innovation and significant resources to the largest of the world's problems.

NIlesh, Gaurav and I have always shared a profound belief in the potential for technology to make the world a better place. It's why we've been prepared, from the get-go, to place big bets on new technologies—with the full knowledge that not all of these will always pay off. In the last year we have seen fail, but our Online Banking has succeeded beyond what we thought was possible. As always, we learn as much from our failures as our successes, and are constantly reminded that execution and delivery matter as much as great ideas.
Online Banking was released one year ago. Today, at version 5 Online Banking is over six times faster than it was then and over 12 major clients now use it. What’s more, it’s helping push banking standards forward everywhere.
Main next goal is web-base ERP for industrial client includes all modules in it. Beta version of ERP will launch in January 2015, so major demand from our client is fulfill. On the other hand own datacenter for Ocean is going to established in September 2015, it’s reducing web server expenses up to 40%. These two major challenges for Ocean for this year and Oceaners make it happen. 
The Internet, smart phones, and other technologies are having profound effects on the spread of information and the lives of people worldwide. It’s a virtuous circle, with the information revolution directly accelerating the pace of technical development as inventors and entrepreneurs benefit from the increased demand for new products, the opening of new markets and dramatic gains in productivity. As a result, new technologies that emerge from research labs fall into the hands of users within a few years; new online offerings reach tens of millions of people in months; and startups spring up overnight.

Yogesh Kedar CEO
Ocean Software Technologies

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Immediate Opening........ 

Requisition Number: 22

Job title: Project Assistant (Software Developer)

Location: Nagpur

Country: India

City: Nagpur

State: Maharashtra

Job Type: Full Time

Job Description : 
The Ocean Software Technologies production team is looking for Project Assistant to work with Asp.Net, C#, VB.Net , JavaScript, MS-SQL Server .
The successful candidate will need strong system software & Web fundamentals, excellent communication skills, and a desire to work with an amazing team to develop ground-breaking products. Every individual on our team makes a clear difference to the product. 

Skills, Education and Experience Required:

* Diploma/BE/B.Sc./BCA/MCA or equivalent
* Self-motivated and pro-active with demonstrated creative and critical thinking capabilities
* Experience project managing complex, cross functional projects
* Great attention to detail
* Exceptional verbal and written communication skills
Desired skills/experience:
* Good understanding of software development
* Asp.Net programming/scripting experience or equivalent

Send Your CV At :

New website just launch by Ocean Software Technologies.

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Ocean Software Technologies
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