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Good Sensory Learning
Good Sensory Learning: Multisensory and Mindful Materials for Education
Good Sensory Learning: Multisensory and Mindful Materials for Education

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Unleashing Learning Potential: Simple Strategies for Success
About a year ago I was interviewed by Elisheva Schwartz, a fabulous entrepreneur that hosts the Dyslexia Quest Podcast.  Soon after the recording, Elisheva had her second child.  As a result, our interview just went up onto Itunes last week.  It was a reall...

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Preparing for Finals: Powerful and Easy Strategies for Success
Many students wait until the last minute to prepare for finals, and they experience anxiety when bombarded with an overwhelming workload. When panic sets in, the amygdala triggers a fight, flight or freeze response, and the stress hormone cortisol is releas...

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7 Free Activities that Sharpen and Strengthen Language Skills
Integrating fun activities that help students to improve their language processing skills can be a great way to ignite a love for learning and strengthen cognition. In fact, strong language processing skills are vital for interpreting and interacting with ...

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8 Powerful Strategies for Teaching Main Ideas and Details
Main ideas and details are fundamental, core concepts every elementary student needs to master. It is the foundation of reading comprehension, writing and the organization of ideas. In fact, mastery of these abstract concepts can even help students improve ...

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7 Organizational Tricks that Keep Educational Materials Orderly and Accessible
  When you have as much material and resources as I have collected over the past 20 years acting as a learning specialist, it can be easy to overlook some great options or even have trouble finding the needed materials.  A number of years ago, I decided to ...

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Teaching Students Relaxation and Attention Skills with the Muse
Due to high classroom expectations and an increase in testing, I find that more and more of my students are coming to my after school sessions spent and weary from a long day at school and many are plagued with social and/or academic anxiety. Additionally, ...

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10 Strategies that Transform Passive Learners into Active Learners
forearms prop heavy heads and eye lids become fatigued and weighty. Information fills the room, but
the restless audience remains impervious as attention is stolen by fleeting thoughts
and boredom.  If this is a common
scene at your school, most l...

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Erasable Frixion Markers Make Learning Both Fun and Memorable
Frixion pens , highlighters and markers are currently my favorite tool for making my sessions both fun and memorable.  From colorcoding, to erasing mishaps, to sending secret messages, these magical writing utensils will engage students of all ages. In fac...

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Motivating Students: 3 Misconceptions and 10 Strategies for Success
Motivation is purported to be a common obstacle that obstructs academic success, however this is a misconception.  As Rick Lavoie said, "It is not that students become unmotivated, because all human behavior is motivated." Instead, other core factors such a...

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How to do a Successful Video Blog Quickly and Easily
As you probably already know, video is the future of online marketing.  New reports suggest that over 70% of Internet traffic comes from videos.  So, if you want to have a successful business working with students, video is the key to growing your practice....
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