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Company law

Arbitration & Dispute Resolution
We handle the disputes diligently and to either settle it or to get a favourable judgment. Expertise and adequate knowledge is required to deal with the matters. We make sure to get the desired result at minimum cost without our client’s image being tarnished.
Following are the scope of Arbitration:-
Initiation and Conducting of Arbitration Proceedings
Stay of Proceedings which has been initiated in breach of Arbitration Proceedings
Getting the Arbtiral Awards enforced through the process of Execution
Setting aside the Arbitral Award passed without following the basic principles
Appointment of Arbitrator / s through Hon’ble High Court and Hon’ble Supreme Court of India
Representation before Arbitral Tribunal
Representation before High Courts and Supreme Court in Arbitration petitions
Drafting the Arbitration Agreements and its relevant Clauses
Alternative Dispute Resolution laws and procedures
Banking and Financial Services
Legal Services is one of the major aspect of the banking and Financial sectors where we can advise and represent the Financial Companies, banks including non-banking financial corporate. We have also dealt a lot of matters of Bajaj Finance Limited. We can also deal in securitization of assets, cases with respect to dishonor of cheques ( S.138 N.I.Act), Debentures, Guarantees and other forms of securities. Matters with relation to DRT, ADRT and Securitization Act is one of the major scope of the Banking and Financial Services.
Moreover, the Insurance sector has also been evolving very fast and we have dealt with a number of Insurance cases viz., Injury Claims / Compensation. It has a wide scope and legal advice, services and representation can be provided with relation to Insurance Laws, Liability Claims, Defect Claims etc.,
Corporate & Commercial
Incorporation / Formation of Companies
Import & Export Code
Corporate Reorganization and Reconstructions
Foreign Investment Promotion Board
Foreign Direct Investment
International Trade
Foreign Investment Proposals
Corporatisation and Privatization
Joint Ventures / Shareholders Agreement
Asset Acquisitions
Trade Arrangement and Technology Transfers
Commercial Litigations
Commercial contract dispute claims
Monetary claims
Debt collection employment disputes
Enforcement of Decrees
Serving Summons
Writ Petitions
Insurance claims
Trust and Probate
Personal injury claims
Mortgage claims
Enforcement of Foreign Decrees
Intellectual Property
A product of brain-storming that has commercial value,which includes copyrighted property such as artistic or literary works, and mindidea property, such as patents, trade secrets,design, business methods, trademarks, maintenance of the rights or simply ideas. A broad categorical description for the set of intangibles owned and legally protected by a company from outside use or implementation without permission. Intellectual property relates to the fact that products of human intellect should be given the same protective rights & authenticity that apply to physical property. Most developed countries have developed legal measures to protect both forms of property.
Intellectual property is an intangible creation or to say it’s mind product, converted into tangible form, that is assigned certain rights. Illustrations of intellectual property include an author’s copyright on poetry or to say a book, a distinctive logo design representing a perfume company, unique design of a fashion designer, or a patent to manufacture medicines. Intellectual property law covers the protection of trademarks, patents, copyrights, and trade secrets. In effect, intellectual property laws give the creator of a novel and different product or a temporary monopoly on its use. Seeing all these aspects, it has become the most valuable asset which a person or companies can own.
Economists estimate that two-thirds of the value of large businesses in the U.S. can be traced to intangible assets. Every nation has framed their own intellectual property laws. But on international level it is governed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). The WIPO convention lays down following list of the activities or work which are covered by the intellectual property rights
• Industrial designs
• Scientific discoveries
• Protection against unfair competition
• Literary, artistic and scientific works
• Inventions in all fields of human endeavor
• Performances of performing artists, phonograms and broadcasts
• Trademarks, service marks and commercial names and designations
• All other rights resulting from intellectual activity in the industrial, scientific, literary or artistic fields.
Types of Intellectual Property Rights
Intellectual Property Rights relates to the rights which can be further divided into the following heads-
• Patent
• Industrial Design Rights
• Trademark
• Trade Secrets
• Utility Model
• Geographical Indication
• Copyright
Your Intellectual property case will be looked after by an experienced Lawyer/expert having intense knowledge about the matter. The counsel will be an ally upon whom you can rely for comprehensive guidance and advice. We are proud of the services which we deliver to our clients in a time-bound manner and any other legal issues that may arise simultaneously.
Services Offered can be inclusive of these aspects apart from the services as discussed above:-
Domain name disputes
Counterfeit Product Investigation (Seizure)
Domain Name Registration,
Registration of Marks, Copyrights, Designs and Patents

A Multi-Disciplinary law firm 
Civil/Criminal/Corporate Matters
Contact us:
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Ø   Office : F-2, First Floor, Anupam Plaza, Opposite Azad Apartments, Kalu Sarai, Hauz Khas, New Delhi- 110016
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Why Azaad And Co. ?
We view that Indian law is sometimes very complex, yet there are simple solutions which we help to arrive at which others fail to recognize this part of practice. There are many legal issues which can be easily solved through negotiations and mediations, yet many of our counterparts fail to recognize this or they intentionally avoid and are in the habit of prolonging the issues making the matters even more complex, thus extracting more from their clients.
Our work is divided into different classes of advocates and experts for the varied kind of works which we receive, and for its smooth and hassle-free execution. Needless to say for the extensive experience, we are based in NCR/New Delhi, India where we act both as a Counsel and Counselor. Cost-efficiency and customer-satisfaction is an important factor which we keep in mind for the services we offer. Being a mid-sized firm, we handle the various matters, keeping the cost very low. We don’t want to be brand-sized firm kept in big-showrooms coupled with high fees and milking the customers. One of the major concern which we look after is a hassle-free litigation where the clients have to run from pillar to post for justice. Many a times, litigants have to face a number of hassles unnecessarily even before filing of the suit. They are keen to have been making a number of enquiries from various people getting different views and thus getting confused. We, at our platform seek to remedy all the concern of our clients. There have also been instances where clients having been harassed due to the non-delivery of product/work even after paying huge amount.
Apart from these, we are also providing knowledge updates to keep the people aware of their rights and to know better the law of the land for ‘IGNORANTIA JURIS NON-EXCUSAT’ meaning thereby ignorance of the law is no excuse. It also helps in the optimum utilization of the law which further helps in their businesses and their well bing.
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Azaad is a Indis best Corporate law firm in New Delhi providing leading Law firm India, Corporate and Commercial Lawyers.
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Law Firms in Delhi - Azaad & Co. is a top law firm in Delhi, offers all legal and law services to its domestic and international clients, Our practices include all cheque bounce cases with money recovery case, arbitration cases, matrimonial dispute, divorce case, family disputes and copyrights including licensing and enforcement.
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Law Firms in Delhi - Azaad & Co. is a top law firm in Delhi, offers all legal and law services to its domestic and international clients, Our practices include all cheque bounce cases with money recovery case, arbitration cases, matrimonial dispute, divorce case, family disputes and copyrights including licensing and enforcement.
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