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Purchasing an automobile is always an important investment that you must research and take time on. At Dave Solon Kia, feel free to search our inventory of New Kia vehicles or used cars in Colorado Springs now on our website. Ensure that you are buying from the best dealership as not all dealers are the same. 
Reputation, inventor and price are all important aspects you need to look for when choosing your Kia. Visit Dave Solon Kia today and find the vehicle that's perfect for you!
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"This was the easiest vehicle buying experience I have ever had."
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"I highly recommend this Kia Dealership."
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candice brown
4 months ago
The test drive during this process what the best part, he was very knowledgable about the vehicle and its features. But, right when we started to sign the papers, it was already late so we weren't trying to keep them for long, they had "made a mistake" and switched the cars on us. This other car had hail damage that they failed to point out, but that issue got taken care of after having to meet with the manager. With my husband being in the army and them letting us know they understand that aspect, I thought this would be a somewhat smooth process, but that wasn't the case. Since then, if I ever had a question they act like I'm bothering them, they weren't as willing to help as they were before we purchased the car. I leave several messages before I get another person that works there to help me. The service center is very helpful and nice though, I'm glad they are who I will have to work with for the life of this car.
• • •
Shamon Taylor
4 months ago
Never again will I go to Dave Solon Kia. In early 2014 I chose this dealership for a new vehicle after my previous one had serious mechanical failure. We settle on a 2008 Volkswagen Jetta for $350 a month and a $500 down payment. After three months without receiving a bill, I called the dealership to inquire as to what was going on. The next thing I know, I am back at the dealership re-doing all the paperwork. They increased the down payment from my original $500 to $1300. I ended up taking the vehicle back and I was at least refunded my original down payment. Fast forward to a year later. I decided to give Dave Solon Kia a second chance as I had heard they made several staff changes at the dealership. I originally went in at 9 am and was willing to work with them with a $2000 down payment in hand. After about 9 hours of waiting for a response, the best deal they could offer me was a 2008 Optima. That isn't a bad car at all, however they wanted a deal at $450 a month. I'm sorry, but there isn't a Kia on planet Earth that is 7 years old worth almost the same amount as a brand new full sized truck payment. The funny thing about the whole situation is the first time I went into Dave Solon, I had a smaller amount of cash for a down payment and a much worse credit score. Yet, with more cash and a much better credit score I get a higher payment.
• • •
Bobette Faux's profile photo
Bobette Faux
10 months ago
I've purchased 5 cars so far in my lifetime. Until this experience with Solon Kia, I HATED going to buy a new car. But I am now a big fan of shopping at this dealership. Their sales people are non-commissioned; which means I didn't feel attacked when I walked on the lot and felt like the staff really payed attention to me when I asked questions about a variety of vehicles. My sales rep Cassie was awesome about sticking with me from beginning to end and even calling me the next day to see how I liked the car. Jeff in finance was terrific. He was a strait shooter and always on the up and up with me. Not only did I get a GREAT new car, I genuinely feel like I really am part of the Kia family now. I would totally recommend this dealership and their vehicles to anyone!
• • •
Dennis Wiley
9 months ago
Micheal Keef, Product Presenter, provided incredible customer service by streamlining the financing process and presenting a sales contract that was easily understood and quickly completed. He delivered my new car to my home in Littleton, CO, which in today's business climate is unprecedented customer service. We completed the test drive and business transaction from the comfort of my home. Thank you, Micheal Keef, and Dave Solon Kia. The Dave Solon Dealership understands the value of building strong customer relations through hard work and ethical business principles. I highly recommend this Kia Dealership.
• • •
Michael Mangin's profile photo
Michael Mangin
4 months ago
It really goes to say that when you buy a new car, you don’t buy the car, you buy the person selling the car. What I mean by this is that personality is everything. If you feel that someone is being honest and straightforward with you, then you are more inclined to trust them—a lack of trust builds animosity and regret. When you feel someone is incompetent, rigid, or even a tad bit callous, then why deal with them? When you are building relationships with other people, you want to show that you care about them and their interests. When I go out and about, I want to have people respect me and show interest in me. I like friends. Who doesn't? Purchasing a vehicle is a very important, and sometimes stressful, endeavor. One should never rush into something based on emotion, especially a vehicle financing agreement, which are very difficult to get out of. Some dealers try to act like anyone can just walk up into a dealership and purchase a brand new 25,000 car no sweat without any actual consideration. “Now, just sign right there and you can take this car home in less than thirty minutes. Oh, and you can leave that piece of junk out there with us.” That is the experience I received at the other dealership I visited, and I wasn't all that satisfied to say the least. I felt they were too pushy—not at Dave Solon. Jeremiah Jacklich at Dave Solon Kia was more than just a pleasure to work with, he genuinely showed interest in answering my questions and ensuring I made the right selection. Absolutely no pressure, unlike the other dealer I had visited. HE was very upfront and transparent (“here is the break down including taxes of what you are willing to pay for the car”). He even beat their price by $2,000 right off the bat! The whole process, although long, was really easy. They didn't have the exact color Forte I wanted, so they offered to get one for me. When they found out the only one around was the one at the other dealership, they offered an upgrade a trim with no changes to the monthly payment or interest (granted the term would spread out a little longer). They wound up knocking 1.7% off of the original quote and made several phone calls to different institutions to get me the rate that I wanted—thoroughly impressed. The best part was that the manager even offered to eat the financing fee. I got a 2015 Kia Forte EX Premium (which was priced at $26,600 starting price at the other dealership) for $24,000 all sales taxes, handling fees, and title included (this also included the GAP insurance). Essentially, I got a pretty great deal, but that is not what I am most excited about. I was able to get a 4.2% APR as a first time buyer! The other dealership quoted me at 10.99%. As a soon-to-be Finance university graduate, I take my APR seriously and they knew it. They genuinely worked their best to get me into the car I wanted, for the best value. While I paid a little more in the long run than I initially hoped, I feel I had a great experience out of it all. I am satisfied with my purchase, and I am glad to have been helped by such a great team! At the end of the day, as I write this review and look at my phone seeing that missed call from the other dealership asking when I was coming in to complete my purchase (after I told them I did not want to make one), I realize that I so went with the better option. I put my money not in the car, but in Jerimiah and the staff at Dave Solon. Thanks for being helpful!
• • •
Jen Sharp
5 months ago
Do NOT go to this dealership!! I went 15 months ago and bought a new optima. I have had no problems with the car and I would rate my initial experience in buying as average. Last week, I received a call from the dealership, asking for me to return. The salesman said they were short on optimas and they would put me into a new one for less than my current payment. Trying to be a smart guy, I assumed there was some kind of a catch. I was only interested because of my high miles on my 15 month old car. I called the salesman back and said he needed to verify the deal with his manager, even threatening that I would be very upset, write bad (but honest reviews), and never return if this would turn out to not be true. He verified all of the above with a manager, telling me that if I came down from castle rock, they would certainly make me the deal. I scheduled an appointment, but again got concerned the morning of the appointment, thinking I needed to get the verification from the manager myself, so I called and spoke with the manager. I explained that I did not want to travel to the springs and negotiate for the known length of time buying a new car and leave upset because they couldn't hold up to the words over the phone. I was reassured by the manager that this was something they could easily do. So... I went to my scheduled appointment, and I spent almost 5 hours there. The first half was on me, as I was undecided on a couple of cars. Once I picked out the one I wanted, which was the exact thing that was promised (my exact car model and exact matching options), the payment wasn't even in the ballpark of my promised price (which again is the price on my current payment). In the end, they wanted to almost double my payment. A manager (Jeff) came out to apologize. He did admit to the wrong doing and the un-met promises, and he said he hated doing business that way. If I hadn't been assured three different times (two by managers) that they could do the deal, I would have not left upset and probably returned someday. Given the situation, I wouldn't sent my worst enemy to this dealership. Including my drive there and back, I lost 7 hours of my life, but I guess that's better than giving them any money. I can say that I do like my optima, but I was appalled when they only offered me $12,000 for my 15 month old car. I paid just under 33k for it 15 short months ago. It does have 30k miles on it, but WOW... Guess the "nice looking new kia's" are holding their value about as well as the old lemons they were once known to be.
• • •
big howard
8 months ago
I went in with hope to trade my car. I was interested in a 94 4runner which they had told me had acceleration problems. I find out the transition is blown. Then they showed me a 2002 cadillac that looks really nice in and out but the car said there is not coolant in the vehicle after the test drive i smell coolant leaking so thats why there isn't any coolant in the car. I climb under the car and run my hand over the bottom of the engine and my entire hand was covered in oil. So either a really bad oil leak or it has been leaking for a long time. Also a 99 Saturn with the front bumper split into two separate pieces. The car I was trying to trade was nice for the year and mileage. All in one piece and not leaking anything and is very reliable. Mind you I was looking for low value vehicles because due to the age of mine the value of it was maybe $3000 but again it was in great shape, not like the cars they showed me. The manager Jason told he couldn't get a trade in value for my car at that time so he said he would call me the next day by 12:00. When I didn't here anything I decided to call and find out what they would be able to offer me. I was told that Jason was busy and i would receive a call back. Then today I call and Tylor Lowe answers and tells me he doesn't know why i didn't get a call back and that he would get Jason for me. Taylor was unable to get Jason due to him being busy and I again would receive a call back. I never received that call but about 15 min. after i got off the phone, Tylor lowe sends me an email saying, "Thank you for visiting Dave Solon Kia. It is our main goal to provide great customer service and also an exciting car buying process. I hope that all of your questions have been answered." and "I would also like to have the opportunity to earn your business." WTF I have been trying to give them my business for three days but I guess I don't have a good enough trade in or enough money for their time. No, my questions haven't been answered. I have never had such a bad experience with a car dealer. Maybe I should have gone in there with a business suit instead of my military uniform, but had to stop in on my way home. While I was there they seemed nice and I was treated fairly. But I feel it is poor business to say something and do the opposite. I really don't think I would go in there again even if they offered me double the value for my car. Really sucks because I had heard good things.
• • •
Shaun Marie
8 months ago
Cody and Jeff made my purchase a wonderful experience. They got me exactly what I wanted for the price I wanted to pay. Owning my new Soul has been awesome. We will totally be back when we are prepared to replace our other car!