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Determing the Value of Three True Outcome Players
Or How Much are Home Runs Worth? Russel "the Muscle"... Every once in a while, and perhaps increasingly more so in
this decade where runs scored are on the decline, a guy makes a career out of
just one traditional tool: power.   These
players are more accur...

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San Diego Could Tinker Their Way to a Passable Defense
How the San Diego
Padres Could Make their Outfield Defense Passable The Padres have a new look outfield, but as many have
already written, its defense may make you want to look away, or at the very
least cringe on nearly every ball hit into the air.   In fa...

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Royals Need to Look No Further than Across the Dugout for Where to Go Next
The San Francisco
Giants May Be the Best Club for the Royals to Emulate to Sustain Success This World Series may seem like a David and Goliath type
story, with Kansas City clearly the little boy with a sling.   But it wasn’t all that long ago that the same

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Who Has the Most "In the Park Power" in Baseball?
Measuring Player's "In the Park Power"   I began the idea for this post wondering if we can measure
how hard balls are hit by guys with “under the radar” type power.   That is, the hitters that hit the ball hard a
lot but don’t have the awesome home run tot...

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Clayton Kershaw's Postseason Woes Lie at Mattingly and Colletti's Feet
Mounting Pitch Counts and Fatigue: an Old October Tune Clayton Kershaw is not the person to blame for Clayton Kershaw's postseason troubles. To preface the rest of this article, let me say that I am not a Kershaw apologist; he held the ball and failed to ex...

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Current Oakland A's come from Boston, Future A's from San Diego
The A’s and Red Sox Love the Same
Talent, and that Love is Spreading The
Oakland Athletics are a well-run ballclub. They’ve
been an A.L West force for three consecutive seasons now, which is no small
task given that the competition is only getting tougher. ...

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Competitive Balance Picks and the Decentivization on Spending for Teams that Need Them
Assessing Competitive Balance Draft Pick Value, and How the System Needs to be Improved Apparently there is an uneven playing field in Major League
Baseball that needs balancing, and “new”-ish competitive balance picks in the
draft can and/or will improve t...

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The Boston Athletics: Part Four
I See What You’re
Doing Over There… and I Like It (’05- Present) The length of this post is due to the fact that A's GM Billy Beane has enjoyed a great deal of success by putting together a roster of Theo Epstein's "leftovers" and "unwanted parts" from his ...

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The Boston Athletics: Part Three
Today we take a look at the guys that helped define what I'm referring to as the "Moneyball" era, due either to their direct impact on the phenomenon that Michael Lewis brought attention to, or just their prominence due to dominant play during that time. Mo...

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The Boston Athletics: Part Two
By Jacob Kelly “The Greatest of All
Time”… and Some Other Guys (‘80s-‘90s) Tonight we take a look at three of the guys that helped define the second era of great baseball in Oakland, particularly the three back to back pennant winning years of '88 to '90 (a...
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