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Round about now is the best time to get a log burner installed, for various reasons.

We can fit a bird guard which will prevent gulls and other birds nesting in your chimney. Several customers each had 4-5 bin bags of nest material and dead chicks removed recently.

Warmer weather means your house is warmer during the install and there's less chance of mud etc being walked in.

Installers aren't so busy so you can get a quick turnaround.

It's safer for installers - cold fingers, rain, wind etc can lead to serious accident or damage.

Waiting till it gets cooler means you might miss out over Xmas and New Year as installers are run ragged then.

Even in Spring, Summer and Autumn there'll be chilly nights which can be romantically enhanced by the flickering flames of a log burner.

Some bargains to be had too.

Hope to see some new bookings in the near future. Take advantage of our Spring Offer.

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Our installers like the current warmer weather. Fitting chimney liners in the cold ain't that great. Customers like it because they don't have doors open to the adverse elements letting the cold in. And they'll be ready for the next cold snap, come what may, what with climate change, gas and electricity prices and shortages.....

Beat our prices for HETAS certificated, fully installed stoves and we'll be very surprised. Whitstable Stove Shop is getting many a great testimonial and recommendations by word of mouth. That is leading to us opening a new showroom in Faversham in the not too distant future. 

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Active Door and Window Company use a novel extrusion in their windows, which, whilst being cheaper in manufacture, is more secure and energy efficient. Use of PVCU inserts rather than galvanised steel, and welding all along their length endows these properties. The profile manufacturers are award winning and supply nationally, to local installers at great prices.

And so, Active aim to beat any local supplier by around £50 per window and the more expensive national suppliers by a lot more, for a highly secure product which is 'A' energy rated.

They also use seasoned, experienced artisans rather than fitters when installing windows and doors and building conservatories, so you can be sure of a great job.

I speak from experience having had them put in our new windows and front door, they did a great job. for more info and to make an enquiry.

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Selection of granite types we can use to build your hearth and a photo of their new reclaimed brick fireplace sent in by a happy customer.
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Whitstable Stove Shop is now building fireplaces and hearths, using a variety of materials, including oak beams, new and reclaimed bricks, granite etc. Prices are low as our suppliers are fantastic, our overheads are low, internet advertising is free...... 

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I'm told that Thanet isn't well served with log burning stove installers right now. So, I'd like to recommend to you for HETAS certificated installs at great prices.

Log burners can cost around 1/3 as much to run as you'll pay for electric or gas heating and as they burn logs (sustainable bio-mass) rather than fossil fuels, are more eco-friendly.

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Great wood burning stoves installed to HETAS standard, certificated and at prices we think you'll find it difficult to beat. In fact we challenge other suppliers to beat our quote rather than trying to match theirs. We reckon to save you hundreds on a small installation and a thousand or more on a larger one.

The shop also sells accessories, i.e. brush and pan sets, pokers, fuel, stove rope seal and adhesive and logs, currently at only £3.99 per net which is somewhat lower than we can find elsewhere locally.
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