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Matt Bacak

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I just got word that I'm going to be the 
first person (outside of my neighbor and his
partner) to reveal the demo of their Patent 
Pending Artificial Intelligence Software. 

Seriously, this is really cool and no B.S. (the 
software rocks and I really never seen anything 
like it - it's not some lame spinner btw) 

Go here to sign up for the demo:

Best Regards,

Matt Bacak
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Matt Bacak

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FREE VIDEO: How To Maximize Giveaway Events

fyi: Mass Giveaway 2014 goes live on Jan 1st. So if you want in, you MUST lock in your spot right now.
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Matt Bacak

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"...This is brilliant! Such a steal...China
help as you're not normal this info is worth a fortune..."

Watching Dave's salespage video will take you into
a world you may have LONG since given up on...

...You already know "the money is in the list"...

But would you have EVER believed it possible to build
a list of over 31,000...

...and do it in JUST 59 days?

Every marketer needs a list...and EVERY marketer
needs to keep their list growing...

You'll see how to bring fresh opt-ins, using
hot new tactics...

With this WSO, Dave has teamed up with 2 other
BRILLIANT list builders...and you'll get their
shared wisdom...amazing tips and tactics...

...very powerful!

...complete with a webinar on how to monetize
your newly minted mega'll see how
one marketer makes up to $700/day...

...and you can too, regardless of your experience...

On top of the 3 powerful step-by-step videos
describing each phase in'll know
EXACTLY what to do...

In addition, you also get...
+ an opt-in page, ready to go...just add in
the details for your list...
+ a "download" page with some special magic

...and EXACTLY how to set everything up and
make the magic work...

Either of these pages, as well as the cool
magic, would be WELL worth the tiny price
Dave has on this...

This is a really great offer which could
radically change your life...

Get it now, while you can get this amazingly
low price...



Matt Bacak
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Matt Bacak

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Looking forward to being in London this weekend for Mark's event. If you are in the area, I'd love to see you. If it's to soon of a notice, don't worry - My next door neighbor and I are doing an event in the UK on Friday, May 10th to Sunday, May 12th.
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Matt Bacak

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Big suggestion to Getresponse and Aweber users!

I just wanted to say that if you are a 
Getresponse or Aweber user I have a STRONG 
suggestion for the next few days.

Just in case they go down again:


When you are able to mail make sure you turn 
off the link tracking so that your list can click 
the link and go to the page you want them too...

...if not (and you use link tracking) then 
you will find that you're people will get 
errors when they click the links.

---end suggestion---

Just to play a little conservative for 
a bit and a suggestion for yea :-)

Matt Bacak
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Matt Bacak

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(I wanted to share this) From the Desk of Matt Bacak

I've been sitting at my computer
all day starring at it because I
just couldn't write an email.

It usually just comes naturally.

But, for some reason today...

...I couldn't write anything.

I tried many things, like taking a
long shower, unplugging and playing
with the kids hoping I'd be inspired
but that just didn't work.

Then I just shut everything down
and decided to just write...

So here it goes.

Something doesn't feel right to me.

I created this product to help the IM community.

I created this Bonus to help a girl in need.

Combining them was stupid because
they are for two different purposes.

Therefore, everyone should get access
to the "Brooke Bonus" for free.

I don't want this to be only
for my buyers. That was really
dumb on my part.

That's why, I'm going to
open this up to everyone.

Here's the link:

On that page, you will have an
OPTION to donate to help Brooke.

But it's not necessary
to get the bonuses.

If you donate, great.

If you don't, that's great.

It's totally optional.


Matt Bacak

P.S. I'm also donating $1 to her
family for every sale on my "black
book" if you choose to get that.
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Yes Sir , Best tool I used all year
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Matt Bacak

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Any last-minute stragglers?...Marketing Madness ...Revisited! almost sold out... If you can make the event this Friday then I'd recommend making your reservation right now because there are just few seats left.

BTW: We are not going to have your usual suspects training:-)

Go here to check it out:

This entire 2 day event is focused on sharing our best strategies, methods, and tactics. I know...It's not going to be just good, it's going to be GREAT!

So if you haven't reserved your seat yet go here right now and do it.

The possibilities at this event are endless.

Tickets are on sale for $197 but I'm giving you a free ticket :-)

Here's your discount code for a free ticket: MMRMB
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Matt Bacak

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Hell ya! I dropped from 44 waist size to 36...(put on 36's today)... 34's here I come.
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heheheh... no real diet.
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Matt Bacak

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Here's some great infographics I have on my Pinterest account. You might want to follow me on Pinterest because I'm planning on adding a lot more :-)
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your welcome!!!
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