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Always try to bring compassion, kindness and positivity into the world
Always try to bring compassion, kindness and positivity into the world
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"We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we measure our world"
Overlooking Tasman Island on the way to the Blade, Three Capes Track Tasmania.
#discovertasmania #threecapestrack #tasmania #wordpower #strength #achievementunlocked #success 

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Ooh, so many ideas!
What will you show us? 
B&W Project 2017
Topic 9: Grant me one wish!
Posting date: Friday 5th May
You lucky person - you've been granted one wish!
What would you ask for?
Have some fun, or be deadly serious - your choice.
Fine forget to tag +Al Chris​​ +Pat Kight​​ and +Maayan Windmuller​​ and use the hashtag #BWProject2017

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If you're in Australia at this time of year and have a interest in Street art, I highly recommend you get to the annual Wall to Wall Festival in Benalla.
If you are there on the weekend that new work is created, you have a priceless opportunity to witness beauty in the making.
I was blessed to witness Adnate in action completing this special work in the church and taking some pictures of the final stages.
Such talent, such a lovely man. #walltowallfestival #adnate #streetart #streetartaustralia 

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This World Heritage area is a pristine section of forest containing many precious species of flora and fauna, including the superb Huon Pine.
Worth a read.

Huon Aquaculture claims salmon farms damaged World Heritage Area in Macquarie Harbour - via @abcnews

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What will your favourite image be?
I'm travelling to many locations over the next two weeks, so should have a feast of favourites to pick from :) 

B&W Project 2017
6/26: Fortnight’s Favourite
Date of Posting: Friday 24th March

You have free reign here - from all your images in the coming fortnight (2 weeks), select which you consider your best.
When you post, be sure to include a discussion on what made you select it and a little on how you processed it for B&W.

Remember to tag +Al Chris​, +Pat Kight​ and +Maayan Windmuller​ as well as use the hashtag #BWProject2017 

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A confession of sorts - I love good coffee.
My real addiction can be blamed on a friend who indoctrinated me by sending me a V60 and edumacating me on the finer points of single origin beans. Eternal thanks, JB :)

I also adore food. This collection will contain many posts of both, I'm sure.

Living in Melbourne means there are so many fantastic places that provide both.
The location of Piggery Cafe is ideal, up in the Dandenongs and next door to the Alfred Nicholas Memorial Gardens. It is run by celebrated chef Shannon Bennett, and includes the Burnham Bakery, which provides baked delicacies to Vue De Mond and his other establishments.

If you're in Melbourne, both the food and coffee are worth the trip.


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B&W Project 3/26:Framing
+Maayan Windmuller​​ +Pat Kight​​

A local Steiner school has a variety of little mud brick huts in the playground. The window and door frames are a wide variety of shapes. The huts are so tactile and beautifully constructed!
I was hoping to capture a random kangaroo in the image, as they often graze in this area, but the only furry creature I snapped was my girl :) 

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This is one of my all time favourite sculptures, entitled - "Our Memory in your Place" by Byeong Doo Moon. It was made of stainless steel and must have taken countless hours to create. Simply, stunning!
The ghostly figure gives you an idea of the height of the peacock. 

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Sculptures by the Sea 2014
For years, I had seen images of incredible works of art dotted along the coastline somewhere in Sydney. I vowed that one day, I would enjoy them also.

In 2014, I made my first foray into this area, and was astounded at the diversity of artwork on display.
It was the first time I attempted to shoot some light painting, with guidance from two much more talented photogs.
It was also the first time I met +Ana Andres​​​ in the flesh.
This piece is entitled "Breaching" and created by Michael Greve. It was one of my favourites. A huge sculpture that was beautifully crafted out of wood.

Sculptures is now an annual pilgrimage - one day, I'm going to create and submit a piece of work for it. 
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