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Thanks, I really like old homes and places. It seems to relate to me.
+Mikko Tyllinen When we bought this property, everyone around said we would never be able to do anything with the horrible yards. I could see a vision and went from that. It took about a year to haul all the garbage away and clear the area of briars and overgrown vegetation. Low -my Husband was sent to Veitnam a month after we bought it. That hurt.
+Bill Murray are you still soaring into the clouds. Thank you. what is going on with you lately. Have not heard.
I am working on class stuff for prgms at school..and working on outreach prgms for Va..n several other service orgs..and teaching at 2 local schools..Not much..just consistant..LOL!
Woe. sounds like a full load. Hope is all turns like you want it to and I am certain it will. Take care.
I will and thanks..It's all good!You take care as well...
My wonders are really pushing right now. I am behind with so much, but thanks. How are you today.
I'm cranking along..last nite got back verifacation that courses in college are going to be paid for by grants and I'll have no student my degree costs are totaly paid for...YYYYYAAAAYYY!!!!!! It pays to be persistant and work on doing the home work/research..and writting many ,many grants..then..they go thru..n ..your job is just to study..and not worry about bills...
that's what I would like Bill, but it doen't happen in the U.K.???!
Are you refering to my ed. grants? Or Wynona's house?Because the house,to me,looks like an English cottage..of sorts???
+Bill Murray I thiink she is referring to grants. My home is what they refer to as a Cape Codd style home and yes, English . first built that style home in upper east coast and followed it down until the rancher took over. The rancher was supposed to be Frank Lloyd Wrights idea but strayed a long way from the concept..The floor plan was used over and over. with very little variations. Now they have these huge monsters with hip roofs that suffocated the entire dwelling.
yes it was about studying at home without being charged
Ok..yes..that is a benefit.It is also hard in a you have to wing it all on your own..but..I very much enjoy the whole experience..Thanks Wynona..I wasn't sure ..Great house you have ..and you keep it spot on!Thanks for sharing..Bill
+Bill Murray, it is not average information. I love architeture and love looking at the old houses and buildings. Take care.
I agree the houses and buildings in don't come close to the craftsmanship of the likes of your house..all of the wood details and design are stripped for "clean lines"..You are sooooo fortunate to have acquired that wonderful place..I see why talked of so much work..It's amazing ,and thanks for sharing...
I operated an interior decorating center for 40years. You have no idea what those builders are doing to save cost. They started cutting out the moulding years ago. Theyput in the new style insulated windows and leave a space between 2X4 studs about 4 in of more and no insulation at that part at all. It defeats the thermal windows. Lo
Yeah..I know..I'm so glad there are places around like yours to show how to do things,right!
Thanks, Eva and all, I appreciate it.
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