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There exists a species of fungus, Ophicordyceps unilateralis,  which grows into canopy-dwelling ants in Brazil and Thailand and modifies their behavior to drop to the forest floor, crawl up a plant to the optimal height for the fungus to reproduce, bite into the underside of a leaf such that their jaws lock in and the grip persists through death, and then wait to die.  The fungus then grows a long stalk out of the back of the ant's head and releases its spores.

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Han Solo dancing to "I'm Han Solo" in the carbonite freezing chamber from Empire.  This is what headcanon was made for.

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I absolutely love this, Greg.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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In which big tech companies, including Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, ally with civil liberties groups to lobby the government on privacy.

In a letter to top administration officials, the group will ask that the government start opening up the surveillance process by allowing companies to publicly disclose the number of secret requests for data they receive from the N.S.A., the number of individuals the requests cover, and whether the requests involve the content of communications or other data, according to a draft of the letter and interviews with officials from the companies and organizations involved.

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#events   #sanfrancisco   #noisebridge  

Noisebridge, a hackerspace in San Francisco, is hosting their monthly Five Minutes of Fame at their space in the Mission District tomorrow night.  Talks are strictly limited to five minutes on whatever projects Noisebridgers have been up to.

This time around will include:

* The Internet in Venezuela -- with Jose Luis Rivas
* Ethos before Analytics -- with Chris Birke
* Fermihub -- Ozzie Gooen

         Plus! NSA Secrets! Landscapes!
The LURKING HORROR of the Current Network Stack!

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I'm not sure if I like the feature yet, but here's how to turn it off if you don't.
How to avoid spamming your +1's to all your followers:

Go to Settings : Google + : Manage Apps & Activities : Google : Manage Google sources and change the "Google +1's on posts activity" settings to Only Me.

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Some photos from SF #pride
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#actuarialtable   #lifeexpectacy   #divination   #stats  

I am likely to live until I'm 77.

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