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Steve Rayson
Passionate about marketing, learning, technology and growing businesses.
Passionate about marketing, learning, technology and growing businesses.


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Facebook Engagement for Brands and Publishers Falls 20% In 2017. Analysis of 880 million posts

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Facebook video engagement
Our latest research looking at 100 million FB videos and what works.
Key data for marketers including:
- The topics that gain most engagement
- Optimum length of Facebook and Facebook Live videos
- Most common reactions to Facebook videos
- Performance of live vs non-live videos
- The optimal amount of text to include in your video description
- The characteristics of the most engaging Facebook videos

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What Are You Signalling When You Post, Share and Like Online?
In the online world everything that you post, comment, share or like is a signal. Consciously or unconsciously you provide cues and signals to others online. What does our online signalling behaviour mean for political discussion, engagement and sharing on ...

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Content curation tools and tips for journalists.
Reflections on my attendance at News Rewired last week.

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How The World Is Changing
This week I read two articles which outlined very clearly how the shape of the the world is changing. The first was by Martin Wolf in the Financial Times . This article set out 6 charts which revealed how the developed world was losing out to the developing...

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The best B2B headline phrases, words, numbers & formats
Insights from my analysis of 10 million posts shared on LinkedIn.

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How to promote content
Our recent post got over 100,000 views in one week. Here are the lessons we learned about content promotion.

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Is Corbyn Right To Support The Pensions Triple Lock?
I am not a Theresa May supporter but her election pledge to end the pension Triple Lock was principled if suicidal, given most older people support the Conservatives. By contrast Jeremy Corbyn has committed to maintaining the triple lock until at least 2022...

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Corbyn and the Single Market
“I vote against the Maastricht treaty again tonight, primarily because it takes away from national Parliaments the power to set economic policy and hands it over to an unelected set of bankers who will impose the economic policies of price stability, deflat...

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The Headlines That Drive Engagement
We analyzed 100 million headlines, this is what we learned about top phrases, words, most impactful numbers, headline length and lots more.
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